5 Things We Loved In Episode 2×05 Of ‘Famous in Love’

“Reality Bites Back” wasn’t my favorite episode, however, there were a few strong moments that really stood out to me. So, instead of harping on all of this its snags and faults, I wanted to share what 5 things I really enjoyed in the episode.

The episode centered around Rainer throwing a benefit, but there is tons of drama that ensues.


Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I ADORE Sofia Carson, so I am thrilled that her character Sloane Silver had more of a presence this week. She popped up last week, but we didn’t get to know her that well. This week, she came in and shook things up. Sloane’s friendship with Alexis was pushed to a limit, and Sloane’s past relationship with Rainer raised a lot of questions. And as a very huge fan of Danielle Campbell, I think it would be interesting to see a team-up of Sloane and Harper. I know that Sloane set Harper up for potential problems with Rainer by telling Harper he left with Paige, but I still think Harper and Sloane could get up to some interesting situations if they came together.

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This one isn’t that complicated to understand. The very first scene of the episode showed Paige and Rainer goofing around and genuinely getting along. They weren’t chasing each other around a lot, trying to talk to each other. They were sharing information with each other, like friends do. It was so nice to see and I hope that bond doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon.


Paige was preparing for the role of ‘Boudica,’ and that involved sword fighting. SWORD FIGHTING. I don’t see women fighting with swords on television shows that often, so when Paige was training and absolutely killing it, I had to bring everyone’s attention. It was completely AH-MAZING. Plus, Bella looked like she was having a lot of fun with it.


She has been such an incredible addition to the second season as Billy. Billy continues to prove herself and her talent. Claudia brings it in every scene she’s in. I also really appreciate that even though Paige and Jake are going through a bit of a rough spot, Billy and Paige are kind and supportive to each other. It’s refreshing. What I’m trying to say is I am very excited to see what Billy gets up to this season. I know that Claudia Lee will continue to prove to audiences that Billy is not a character to ignore or brush aside.

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The end of the episode gave me my favorite scene of the entire episode. Of course, I’m talking about the scene where Paige drunkenly points out the patriarchal society Cinderella exists in. Yes, Paige probably won’t remember the heart-to-heart she had with Rainer, but it was adorable and respectful and nice to see. Rainer covered Paige up and stayed with her when she asked. He said, “For you, anything.” All of the #Raige shippers swooned in that moment. It was sort of adorable.

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What were your favorite moments in this week’s episode of Famous in Love?

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