6 Questions We Need Answered Now About ‘The 100’ Season 3 Trailer

Have you been stuck on an endless loop playing The 100 Season 3 trailer over and over? Have you theorized where, when, and how Clarke changed her hair and became a warrior princess? Are you overwhelmed with the feelz at the mere thought of something separating Octavia and Blake? If you answered yes to any of these then you’re the right spot!

For days questions have been brewing in my mind that I just can’t get rid of. Let’s talk about the top six questions I need answered now about The 100 Season 3 trailer. (I don’t think I’ll last until the premiere date!)


[lead]1. Where has the warrior gone?[/lead]

I’m not talking about Clarke walking away into the unknown during The 100 Season 2 Finale. I don’t want to know where she’s physically gone as much as I want to know where she’s mentally gone. She’s always been this shining beacon that would do anything for her people and served as a leader. Now she refers to herself as nothing. I want to know what thoughts plagued her every waking moments and how she molded herself into this new version of Clarke. The darkness she brought into this world after the massacre has left a mark on her that might never be erased.



[lead]2. Where did they get the cars?[/lead]

Season 1 and 2 showed the grounders as primitive in their use of transportation and weaponry. Even when confronted with guns they seemed aloof about it, not understanding what they were. This car changes things for what we know about the grounders. Maybe there are survivors out there with advanced technologies that did better off than Lexa’s tribe of grounders. No two groups are the same and all it takes is one person to hand down there knowledge to the next generation to keep it alive.



[lead]3. Why are the Blake’s fighting?[/lead]

Sooner or later it was going to happen, brother and sister had to fall apart. Family is something we can all relate too in some way, shape, or form.. It’s good TV. So why does it hurt so much watching Bellamy and Octavia duke it out until he’s on the ground. Octavia has found herself on Earth. She knows who she is, has options, and a future that she never thought could happen. Is it possible that Bellamy jeopardized all this in favor of war and the Sky People? Imagine how many of the grounders values she has taken upon herself and the consequences of him going against them. Let’s cross our fingers that whatever he does has nothing to do with Lincoln. HE MUST LIVE!



[lead]4. Why has civil war broken out among the Sky People?[/lead]

Loyalties will be tested as the Sky People break apart and try to scramble for some form of stability. After last seasons crash landing on Earth, Mount Weather massacre, and Clarke leaving…it’s an expected step in their journey. It’s made even easier by a handsome man standing tall against grounder danger and assuring the people that this land is theirs and that one will take their home away. In the back of their minds they know that they’re invaders on Earth, but they’re tired of being weak and afraid. What ever has driven this man to stand against his leaders will divide the Sky People irreparably.



[lead]5. Why is Clarke’s mom kissing Marcus?[/lead]

They’ve always been on opposing sides of practically every issue that crossed them. Abigail took away his power and Marcus whipped her in front of all their people. These aren’t things you forget anytime soon! Nevertheless here they are smooching as if they desperately want to be in each other’s arms. My theory is that they unite against the war brewing behind their own lines to survive. Sparks fly when people are put in dangerous situations together.



[lead]6. Will my brotp, Monty and Jasper, be ok?[/lead]

These two have always been tight knit, brothers in arms. Even the fights they’ve had have not lasted long because their bond is made up of years with only the other by their side. Despite all this there’s angst on the horizon for these two. Jasper has cut his hair short, divesting himself of the boy he was before Mount Weather. And Monty looks to only be able to watch as his friend suffers through emotions he can’t fully understand. Here’s hoping they survive whatever comes their way!



If I had it my way I would go on for ages asking questions about the next season of The 100. For now I’ll stop it here and start a mental countdown of the roller coaster of angst coming our way! Prepare the tissues!

Let us know your theories and any questions brewing in your head in the comments section below!

The 100 returns Thursday, January 21 at 9/8c on The CW.

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