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6 Things That Happened On ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Finale That We’re Rolling Our Eyes At

6 Things That Happened On ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Finale That We’re Rolling Our Eyes At

I get that when we’re talking about The Hills: New Beginnings, we are talking about real peoples lives. But I also get that these people decided to put their lives out there, and whereas that doesn’t mean we should be complete dicks about their lives, one can not help it when they see this craziness.

Cause this shit is fucking crazy.

MTV decided for this season to go out on a two hour season finale and sure, it could have been a lot shorter,  but MTV knows that we all need the drama. And I don’t for a second believe that they didn’t go back to edit this show to revolve around real life tabloid drama. Cause everything just seemed to fit what is going on now.

But lets talk about the shit show that I can’t get enough of.


Look, I am not one to tell people not to chase their dreams, because I think it’s important. BUT Heidi Pratt and her “singing” career – ya. She may be annoying AF, but I have mad respect that she knows how to exploit her time on television to get attention.

But I am still questioning why the fuck we all needed to get tortured with that shit. My ears were bleeding and my eyes were rolling deep, back into my head.


I think that part of me feels bad for Kaitlynn, because like who wants the world talking about you. I know I don’t. I would get annoyed AF.

Hell, I do get annoyed, every day it happens.

But Kaitlynn – who preaches that she wants all this privacy and all this people not talking about her stuff – seems to be the first person to open her mouth when pressed too hard. She doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone, but feels the need to explain herself to everyone.

I just felt it so out of the character/perception of her that we’ve gotten all season.

I woulda had more respect for her had she told them all just to STFU.


Just because you are a parent, doesn’t mean that you know everything. I will be the first to admit that normally I admire Ashley for all that she’s been through, how she holds her head high and doesn’t let anything break her.

But I will be the first to say this – everyone’s situation is unique and generalizing situations based off your experience is not fair. Sure, you can give people advice, but at the same time, you should also hold your advice until someone asks for it. All advice isn’t golden. Not everything that happened to you will happen to others.

Sometimes you need to STFU, even when all you want to do is scream from the rooftops.


One of my FAVORITE people on this show is Brandon Lee. I feel like he’s deep and full of wisdom that we’re all not giving him credit for. But he’s wishy washy over relationships, and then jumping into bed with the choreographer? Boy please.

You need to get your shit straight.

It’s like this – get your feelings under control. Don’t be so disrespectful to those around you – especially those that you are claiming that you were falling in love with. It’s just a gross look.

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To be honest, I still really like Brandon and think we can all learn a lot from him. BUT – I will say that I just wish that he wasn’t making me wish that I didn’t care.


I was rooting for Steph – the first two shows of the season. I wanted her to have the fairy-tale that she always wished for. Happy family, and all that.

BUT – she really turned me off to her attitude this season. She legitimately went from being someone you could root for – to someone you didn’t want to see on your screen. At least that’s how I feel, so it should be no shock to anyone, I am glad we don’t have to deal with her in the next season.

Though, I’d still take her over her brother.


Didn’t care on the original show, don’t care now. Spencer and Heidi are fame whores.

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