7 Reasons to Vote @dylanobrien for Homecoming King

MTV’s homecoming bracket is down to the final four. While Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey triumphed over the beautiful Brits of One Direction, YouTube personality Tyler Oakley edged him out of the final round. However, Dylan O’Brien took down both Daniel Radcliffe and Justin Bieber to make it to the final four. The current standings? For the ladies, it’s a pop battle with Miley vs. Demi. For the gents, it’s down to Dylan vs. Tyler Oakley. While our recent #ManCrushMonday post offered up plenty of reasons to love Dylan, here are a few more homecoming-specific things that should earn him your vote for the crown.

1. Homecoming is, first and foremost, a dance. Don’t fret about being a wallflower–Dylan will take good care of you on the dance floor.

mtv 2

2. We can’t say it enough… He’s a great dancer. No need to worry about him stepping on your feet.

mtv 1

3. Concerned that Dylan’s out of your league? Don’t be. He’ll make you feel like he’s the lucky one for getting to dance with you.

mtv 3

4. He will tell you how beautiful you look (which goes a long way after putting all that effort into your hair/makeup/dress).

mtv 4

5. But he also values more than just looks. You can talk to him about anything.

mtv 5

6. He won’t let the crown go to his head.

dyl copy

7. He’s not afraid to tell you he loves you (there’s one major homecoming worry put to rest).

mtv 6

Convinced that Dylan deserves to wear the homecoming crown? Make sure to get your vote in over on MTV.com by Saturday!


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