9 Things We Love About ‘Red Band Society’

We’ve been slacking on the TV front – too much to do. But spending the weekend in bed, we’ve been able to catch up on a lot of TV. We had a choice, recap them or just move forward. So, we’re doing that. Just moving forward, and from now on we’ll do something with each show.

Today, I sat down and watched the first two episodes of Red Band Society and balled like a baby. It was one of the best shows that I have seen on TV in a long time.

The thing is – you would think that a show about sick kids in a hospital would be depressing. You would think that you would not find hope in their faces, their struggles, their lives.

The show focuses on several kids who are living in a hospital due to different reasons. One girl has an enlarged heart, one has an eating disorder, there is a boy with cancer, one who has lost his leg, and one in a coma. There is a nurse that you would think is just the worlds biggest bitch, but she’s actually got a bigger heart than anyone else. There is a doctor that would give his life for any of them. And it’s all told by the boy in the coma.

Here’s 9 things that we love about the show!

1. We adore Emma. She’s the girl on the show with the eating disorder. She’s got control over everything – except her food intake. She’s beautiful, intelligent, loving, and all she wants is some love in return. We’re anxious to see Emma’s growth and her story. As her story progresses we are anxious to see where it goes and how it can help others.


2.  Can’t deny that Octavia Spencer is an amazing actress. But her character is one of the most loving people that I have seen on TV. Yes, she’s tough, she’s hard, she’s firm, but she is fair. She loves each and every one of the kids that walks through the halls of the hospital, and wants nothing more than to save them. As much as you think that she is bitchy, she’s as strong as you would hope that you could be if you had her job.


3.  He’s lost a leg. He’s afraid of the pain of learning to walk with a prosthetic. He’s in love with Emma. He’s beautifully kind and he’s just wanting someone to understand what it is that he is going through. But he wants to be there for everyone else. As you watch his struggles, his pain – you want to reach out and hug him. He tugs at your heart strings.

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4.  Like any kid, he just wants to survive. He wants to be young, free, and have all the girls. He wants the world to have fun. The hospital may be where he lives, but is heart is aching to be a kid. He’s going to be something. We can’t wait.


6. Salt and pepper hair never looked better on anyone. Dear God, we’d take him home.


7. She’s a bitch. But we think that she’s just a bitch because she is aching to be heard. She’s got heart issues – but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have one. She’s just aching to be understood by a dysfunctional home life and reacts in anger. It’s all she knows to fight the loneliness.


8. He takes all of the pitfalls of life like a champ. He was able to deal with the possibility of loosing his leg, but then we found out that his cancer has spread. We’re sad to see his story progress – we don’t want to see him die. But I have a feeling his story may be the hardest to watch.


9. The thing that is so unique about Red Band – it’s told from the point of view from a kid in a coma. His insights are poetic. And now, all we can do is watch every week, hoping that he wakes up.

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Red Band Society is a beautiful television show, that will make you think, feel, and have you back in your seat every week. It airs every Wednesday on Fox.

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