9 Times Bonnie Bennett Was Totally Kickass on ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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Bonnie Bennett is or should we say was a total kickass witch. A Bennett witch has quite a reputation and no wonder, Bonnie has some power. She’s never been one to be pushed around and has taken on one of the oldest vampires once or twice, left the meanest vampire bitch to be dragged to hell and saved her friends even if that means she gets hurt. Speaking of that, don’t take her willingness to help her friends no matter what the cost as a weakness because she can and probably will kick your ass.

We think it’s time to shine a little light on our favourite witch, Bonbon. Maybe Stefan should even step a side with his hero hair, and make way for Bonnie Bennett.


  1. When she totally owned Klaus

    tvd bonnie and klaus gif


    Taking on the big bad wolf. The gang wouldn’t have been able to take him down if it weren’t for Bonnie. She might have needed a little help with a full moon as Klaus was transitioning but she totally had him.

  2.  When she saved Damon against Kai


tvd bonnie saves damon gif


Bonnie and Damon only had eachother, when they were stuck in 1994, so she had to save him. But it wasn’t that she had to save him, this was the start of their friendship, we think she wanted to save him. Also they didn’t know who the hell the guy trying to kill Damon was seen as though they thought they were the only ones stuck there.

3. When she tried to teach Damon a lesson

tvd bonnie and damon 2x02

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Oh, the days when Bonnie and Damon hated eachother and Damon tried to kill everyone and anyone. No surprise, Damon tried to kill a newly turned Caroline so Bonnie tried to kill him. She got quite good at her fire trick.

4. When she took on Alaric/Klaus

tvd bonnie and klaus.alaric 2x18 gif


Damn, Bonnie has got some power. She was willing to sacrifice herself to save everyone else and we thought she’d died trying to take the big bad wolf down for a second time, but no it was all just a plan.

5. When she saved Matt from the pool

tvd bonnie saves matt from pool gif


She doesn’t even need magic to save someone. Matt was determined to see his big sis, Vicky, but it was a good job Bonnie got there when she did, or Matt would have been joining his sister rather than just seeing her ghost.

6. When she left Katherine to be dragged to hell

tvd bonnie cant help katherine 2x15 gif


Damn right she should have left Katherine to be dragged off to hell, what’s Katherine ever done for Bonnie excpet treat her like crap. Now we love Katherine but Bonnie helping her, no way, it wouldn’t have made sense.

7. When she was the huntress

tvd bonnie and damon 7x21 gif


Rayna 2.0. New huntress Bonnie was out for blood and Damon’s especially. She would have totally taken him if it weren’t for Matt. The huntress look looked good on her, nice to have her back to normal though.

8. When she chopped Enzo’s hand off

tvd bonnie chops enzos hand off gif


Before they were all loved up Bonnie still hated Enzo, or maybe just disliked him a lot. Anyway Damon was in danger having been locked up with a newly tuned Tyler and the only way to save him was obviously to chop Enzo’s hand off. He should have just helped, turns out his Armory family weren’t very loyal anyway.

9. When she got her revenge on Kai

tvd bonnie and kai gif


It’s not like he didn’t deserve it, he did torture her after all. Bonnie saw her opportunity and she took it, leaving Kai behind in the 1903 world with a bunch of starving Heretics. We’d cry too if we were left behind, but then we wouldn’t mess with Bonbon.

The Vampire Diaries returns Friday October 21st on The CW

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