Our Holiday Wish-List for the Characters of Frequency

The holidays are the time to gather around with loved ones and celebrate the season with laughter, joy, and gratitude. It’s also the time for gift giving. Can’t forget about the presents.

Holiday Wish-List for Frequency

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Here’s our wish list for the characters of Frequency.

Frank Sullivan… some sleep. Please. He’s been working alongside Raimy relentlessly to find the Nightingale Killer, which makes you wonder if they’re even getting any sleep. Frank’s behavior in the latest episode would suggest otherwise. As I have gotten older, I have come to see the importance of sleep in order to function well. And, if he’s not functioning well, how can he catch the Nightingale Killer? Also, dear writers, can we give Frank a storyline where he’s actually happy? It appears we might be hitting that in the upcoming episodes, now that he and Julie have reconciled. However, he is currently trying to save her from becoming the Nightingale’s next victim. If he fails… that happiness won’t last long.

Raimy Sullivan… a break. Things have piled on from the beginning for her. First, she discovered she could talk to her—dead—dad from 20 years earlier. Then her actions changed the past, causing her mother to become the victim of a serial killer. On top of that she lost her almost boyfriend, right after she found out that he was going to propose. Safe to say she’s had a rough couple of months. Also, some sleep for all the same reasons as above.

Julie Sullivan… a get out of jail free card or immunity. Since she is the Nightingale Killer’s next victim, immunity from that would really help. She’s also had an arduous few years; having to be two parents in one, in order to make sure little Raimy had everything she needed. She deserves to make it out unscathed.

Satch Reyna… for the Nightingale Killer to be caught. Satch has given his life entirely to finding the Nightingale Killer. So much so, that it’s cost him his family. Catching the Nightingale will make all the sacrifices worth it. Hopefully the Nightingale is caught in 1996, so Satch won’t have to miss out on being a part of his family’s life.

Gordo… (Just realized that I don’t know his last name. Has it ever been mentioned?) A storyline that gives more than. We already know that Gordo is more than just funny one-liners. In the third episode, we got to see more depth to him when he helped organize a memorial service for Julie. It would be nice to see that side again. With that being said, I don’t want to let go of his funny side. He’s lines are gold.

Daniel Lawrence… to get his shit together. He can’t string two girls along, without them having knowledge of the other. In the last episode, he appeared to have made a decision to end things with Claire (the girlfriend) in favor of starting something Raimy. But, until I actually see this happening, words are just words. I’ve got my eye on you Daniel.

Stan Moreno… karma. With only a handful of episodes left in the season, I really hope to see Stan have consequences for his actions. Hopefully that means he’ll finally leave Frank alone, too.

Frequency returns Wednesday, January 4th, at 9/8c on The CW.





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