A #Marshmallow and Mom Talks ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie

When Veronica Mars the television show aired, very first season — very first episode — my son was a baby and my daughter was only ten and I was in mommy mode. We had just moved to a new place, bought our first house and my television tended to veer towards the older audience that I was becoming.

However, during my pregnancy I had binged watched high school and college television shows. I went through Felicity, all the seasons twice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Gilmore Girls and Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. In the midst of my all day, all night morning sickness, these shows got me through. I was indebted to them, but really not ready to remember how freaked out by having another baby I was while watching them. So Veronica Mars comes along and I’m like… nope, not watching that show thinking it would be sort of a reminder of my pregnancy television watching habits.

I could not have been more wrong. The pilot episode hooked me. I couldn’t stop watching and I thought, this… this is the show my daughter and I will watch together when she gets older and we will have ALL THE TALKS about responsibility to yourself, how to party safely and what to do to protect your friends and yourself from the evil of the world — and how it isn’t always possible, so I’ll tack on a lot of ‘no matter what I love you.’

Then I forgot about Veronica Mars. I did. Sadly, I was a very bad fangirl with the Veronica Mars show and forgot all about my promises to share it with my daughter or even remember how much I loved it when I watched it. Until the Kickstarter campaign. I went all in (yes… I am one of those backers from day one) and convinced my now high school graduate daughter that it was time for her to know just how important Veronica Mars is to pop culture, to teens and to anyone who survived high school a little worse the wear.


We watched the entire three seasons in two weeks. Every chance we got, we watched episodes. Never just one! And then we rewatched so we could be on target with the official rewatch. My daughter, girl after my own fangirl heart loved the show and was so excited for the movie. We would pass each other all this week, going to and from work and just smile and say, “Veronica Mars on Saturday!” Our Marshmallow glee the best thing about anything and making the crazy, busy-ness of every day this past week all worth it.

And oh holy hotness that is Jason Dohring in this film was it worth it. Our fangirl hearts were soaring sitting, waiting for the ushers to clean the theater because of course we were early! And the shows last night sold out. We might have our confirmation number and our tickets purchased but that in no way guaranteed us center aisle seats! Those are a must.

(We took selfies while we waited and giggled and laughed and caught the attention of other fans who talked to us. Some lady had already seen the film and wanted to talk spoilers but me and the girl were in a spoiler free zone. She respected our request though and walked away. Awesome shirt too… it had the word Doctors in white on a black tee, the font shaped like some of the most recognized Doctor Who characters of all time.)

Then we got our prime seats and tackled posting to Facebook an update status, because we are at  Veronica Mars the Movie… PEOPLE MUST KNOW THAT and have pictorial evidence, right?! Only to find out that the Maze Runner Trailer is going to debut on Monday during Teen Wolf! Gladers… what is my life… and I had no way of sharing the goodness of Dylan O’Brien in the MTV released trailer promo photo on Fangirlish sitting in the theater. I had to hope that one of the other fabulous writers here would see it and post it. Such are the thoughts of a fangirl, who also must blog everything!


Which oh heck yeah, we got to watch the trailer for Oculus, Karen Gillan’s freaky new film that is too steeped in horror for us to actually watch. We were quite brave to watch the trailer… at least for us. And then I squealed loudly and clapped like a lunatic to the detriment of everyone sitting around me when Shailene Woodley’s face appeared. Yes! Yes. The Fault in the Stars trailer made me go from glee to see the tears pouring down my face in the 3 minutes it dominated the screen. Omigosh people, I do not know how I am going to survive that film!


Then the lights went out and all was right with the world, because the movie, Veronica Mars is perfection. And never in my life have I ever wanted to be Gaby Hoffmann nor did I ever think I would ever want to be Gaby Hoffmann, but yeah… any Logan fan who goes to see the film will understand why I am in shock that I could ever wish this upon myself. But I digress, because Logan is so damn hot, but so is everyone else who shows up. They are just… just perfect. What can I say without giving away spoilers? Nothing much actually.

You will laugh. You will cry. You will think damn!… this needs a sequel. And yet, realize, that even if you do not get that sequel, all is well in the Veronica Mars universe even as the credits roll and you have to say goodbye.


Aesthete, Bibliophile, Music Lover, Mad TV Watcher -- World Traveler and Perpetual New Girl. Oh! And nearly forgot -- Fangirl who is irrepressibly fond of all things Sherlock. Feel free to chat with me at beth@fangirlish.com.

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