A Whole New World is coming to Once Upon a Time!

Once Upon a Time fans were in for a treat at SDCC this year, when at the end of their Saturday morning panel we were treated to the first few minutes of the Season 6 Premiere, titled “The Savior”

Not excited yet? Well, the footage revealed Jafar and Aladdin are going to be paying a visit to Storybrooke this fall.

Oded Fehr, best known for “Covert Affairs” (and, if you’re old enough The Mummy) was cast as Jafar and Deniz Akdeniz (“South Beach”) will portray Aladdin in the upcoming sixth season.

What about Jasmine, you ask? Well, Agrabah’s famous princess will be played by Galavant’s Karen David, and honestly we can’t imagine a more perfect casting choice.

They’ll be joining new season six cast members Giles Matthey, who will play Morpheus, the God of Dreams and Craig Horner (“Legend of the Seeker”) will portray the Count of Monte Cristo from Alexandre’s Dumas famous novel of the same name.

The cast of Once Upon A Time also teased the struggle they’ll face with the Evil Queen (conscience free and pure evil) coming to town.

How about it, Oncers? Are you excited to see Aladdin, Jasmine and Jafar join our favorite fairytale heroes?

For a taste of season six check out the preview below, and, of course, the season premiere footage:


Season Premiere Footage:

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday September 25 8/7 c on ABC.

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