Abbi Glines Cover for ‘You Were Mine’

We love ourselves some smut. I mean what’s better than some good love story with some smut mixed in? Personally for me – few and far things in between. I am a grown ass adult. I am allowed.

Abbi Glines is one of my favorite New Adult writers. There issn’t a ton of sex, but there is some. And let’s face it – teenagers are doing it. Not saying that it’s right, saying it is what it is.

The cover for her new book was released today on Popsugar. Here’s the excerpt –

Once we got to the beach where the concert was being held, I found us a spot and laid out the blanket I had brought. I figured we would be standing most of the night just to see over the heads of everyone once the bands started playing, but right now we had over an hour before the show got started. People were sprawled all over the place on their own blankets and chairs, drinking and partying.

Bethy sank down beside me but left some space between us. I didn’t like it, but she always gave me space. As if she were afraid I’d push her away if she got any closer. She was being smart. I just couldn’t be smart any longer.

I reached over and hooked my hand around her waist and pulled her up against me until her leg was touching mine and her side was pressed up against me. She made a surprised sound but didn’t try to move away. But then I knew she wouldn’t.

“You look beautiful tonight,” I told her.

Just like always, she blushed at my compliment.

“Thank you,” she replied softly.

I kept my hand on her waist and began tracing little circles with my finger against her side. She stiffened at first, but then she shivered. That was my breaking point.

“Come here,” I said then moved her to straddle me. Her eyes went wide as she sat on my lap facing me. I cupped her face before I could change my mind and covered her mouth with mine.

She inhaled sharply, and for a moment didn’t react. Then her hands were in my hair and I slipped my tongue along her bottom lip. She opened for me slowly and I dove in, ready to taste her. The feel of her honey-sweet warmth made me shiver this time. It was better than I’d expected. I slid my hands under her dress to feel her bare skin as she made a soft moaning noise and leaned closer into me.

F*ck, this was good. No, this was perfect. This was one of those kisses that changed everything. I wanted to feel more of her but we were on a public beach and I didn’t like the idea of other guys watching what was mine.

When she arched her back, pressing her breasts against my chest for friction, I broke the kiss before I lost control and put my hands on her t*ts, which I’d been using as daily inspiration.

Bethy’s face was flushed and she was breathing hard as I pulled away from her. She looked dazed, and I wanted to roar with pleasure that I’d put that look there. I held her close to me as I caught my own breath. Her eyes flickered from mine to my lips and back.

She let out a long breath and sank down onto my lap. My erection greeted her and she stilled. The fact that she was straddling my d*ck was not helping me calm down.

“Don’t move, baby,” I told her through gritted teeth. I reminded myself that other guys could see this. I didn’t like them seeing her like this. It was the only reason I managed to pick her up and move her off of me. The urge to press against her center was intense. But not here. I couldn’t do that here.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. I glanced down at her face. She looked worried and embarrassed. Sh*t.

I kept her close to my side. Bending my head so that my mouth was at her ear, I pressed a kiss to the side of her neck. “Don’t ever say you’re sorry for that.”


See, not so bad.

What do you think of the cover?


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