After by @Imaginator1dx: More of Your Letters on what ‘The After Series’ Means to You

It’s been a bit since we have done anything with After, as we’ve been giving you guys time to get through After We Collided. Reminder – the book club returns tomorrow at 8am, where we’ll be discussing Chapters 1-20 of the book. I’m excited. We’ve missed you guys!

But in preparation, we’re giving you more of your letters to Anna, about what the After Series means to you. If you haven’t sent in yours, make sure to email them to me at We’d love as many as we can get from around the world. I’ll be printing all your emails out and giving them to Anna when she signs in Los Angeles this coming February.

Without further ado, here’s more of your letters to Anna.

From LatersXO –

I love After because it shows me that dreams can come true. It inspires me to write. It makes me feel like nothing can stop me from doing whatever I enjoy to do. It’s a perfect world for me to “go” from my stressful life. It gives me power and happiness every time I read it. It’s perfectly imperfect, which means that Harry and Tessa’s relationship is nowhere to perfection but they fight for each other, no matter how many times they break up but their love is endless and they both know it. It makes me believe in myself, makes me believe that I have someone too who loves me the way I am, I just need to find it.

From Caitlyn Meyer –

People tell me I’m obsessed with one direction. People tell me I’m obsessed with After. There’s usually snide comments made, people judging me for my likes and dislikes. In the beginning, it wasn’t a big a deal, you know I’d usually laugh with them at my supposable child fetishizes. But once people started saying things like “their gay” and “I can’t believe you read fan fiction.” I realized people were making fun of something that means so much to me. After, made me realize the relationship I was in, wasn’t ideal. It pushed me to buy tickets to the best night of my life. It’s allowed me to become friends with amazing people, who don’t judge me for my likes and dislikes. Unless you’ve read After, you don’t realize how amazing it is to escape the normal day. Because people who don’t understand why you like something, are usually the people who are looking for flaws and something to jump on. Anna Todd, is an amazing person, she tries so hard to help and talk to people. Because I think she understands how much it means to everyone. I think I speak for the whole “After” family when I say “we love you!” And we’re always here for you like you are us. I can’t wait for the day I bring my favorite book up, to be signed by my favorite author. And you won’t judge me, you’ll fangirl with me 🙂
LOVE- caitylady5

From Bernadette –

The first time i heard about this story,it makes me feel that i have to read it,and i’m so glad i did!.. The story is well written and Anna caught all my emotions.. I felt happy,in-love,sad,mad,i cried(like a bucket of tears),and it made me realized that LOVE sometimes is like a roller coaster ride,Hessa’s love story.. This is the first fanfic i’ve ever read that’s why it means a lot to me because AFTER taught me that Love can really changed a person,in any way.. from being bad to a good one!..You really want to change because you love that person and that’s the good thing.. Hessa’s love story isn’t perfect but they do their best to stay in that relationship until the very end though before it happened,there are lots of things and hindrances that comes along the way,but as they said “Love conquers all” and that’s the important thing..
 AFTER literally changed me after i read this incredible fanfic..It made me  believed that true love exist,that love moves in mysterious ways,that if you love someone you do your best to changed for the person you love and you’re not afraid to be in love and be loved though you think you’re not capable of loving..
 I thank Anna Todd for writing such good books like this,and i’m glad to meet such amazing author/friend/sister like her.. She deserve all the success because she work hard for it,she’s an inspiration to her readers/fans because she wants us to do what we makes us happy..

From May –

I have loads of reasons why After is important to me:
When I started reading it I was so curious and I didn’t know that a book can be so great and make me smile all day- I really hated books and I thought they are useless and boring.  I started reading parts from Jane Austin’s novels and I realized I was so wrong. After that, I started being a book warm, literally.

Everytime I read After I feel like every character and I love it so much because it’s better than watching tv or something like that. Anna describes everything perfectly and I’m sure that it will be even better in the published version.

After got me loads of friendship all over the world. I have friends from America and Europe just by getting to know each other because we met on Twitter and Wattpad because of our love for After. I also have many frendships here in my country and I met all of them, almost!

The story thought me that abuse is not only physical, but in many other ways. Just because of seeing what Tessa and Hardin are going thrugh the books, I understood why I shouldn’t be in a relationships like theirs. I want their love- a powerfull love, but not relationship. People need to understand that After impacts all of us to be better people and prepare ourselves for the future. I love that.

It also helped me to believe I can do things and it made me to start my own fanfic on Wattpad- which is very successfull! Anna showed me that dreams come true if we work hard and believe ourselves.

And I have many more bt to be honest I think that’s enough haha.

From Ganna –

Hiiiii! Before I start, I want to inform that this will be maybe so long, sorry but I have to let all of these words out of my chest J
I’m Ganna, 15, a huge Egyptian fan of Anna Todd and “After” since September 2013.
So, why do I like “After”? That’s such a hard question to be answered, because “After” isn’t just a book for me .
Normally in all the basic love stories, we have a girl who like a guy or the opposite, she/he tries his/her best to make the other love him/her (it’s probably her) then one day a miracle happens and they both fall in love and BOOM a problem happens then POOF it’s gone and they kiss and date and get married and have kids and live happily together. But Tessa and Harry aren’t a simple love story like I’m used to watch on TV or read in book, they don’t simply fall in love like that and live together, they fight for each others. Tessa is fighting to make Harry a good person, to make him stop being a jerk and to make him know what love is but in her own way. Harry falls for her more and more, he is fighting to make her the happiest person on earth, he is trying to show her his deep love to her in his own way while he and she are so different. She’s the most precious thing in his life, but he is so brutal with trying to make Tessa only his girl and to not make her slip away from him. The thing is he doesn’t know what exactly he has to do to make her stay with him forever, while he refuses the idea of marriage. But for her, he changed his mind, because he truly loves her. However, the fact they are trying to fix each others, trying to make each other happy, trying to make the other the best person in the world is the best thing I love about “After”.
Also, the different sexuality that has been mentioned in “After 3” is a great point that I actually was waiting to be included in the story: the point I like is that it shows that the example of Harry and Tessa is as well present in other sexualities other than straight. Riley and Lillian are an example of Tessa and Harry, one of them is the happy and positive girl and the other is the mad dark girl that is trying hard to make her love happy while she’s also making the same mistakes as harry and getting her love hopeless and negative.
As a favorite character, Liam is the best. Gratefully because of him and of course others, Harry and Tessa didn’t stray away from each other and stayed together for so long. Liam helped a lot to make the love story of Hessa unstoppable until it came to a happy ending.
As a Middle Eastern girl, I shouldn’t be even reading this series. Everything is “After” is completely opposite to my culture that I was raised on. Here (in Middle East), marriage is just something that parents kind of force their kids to do at a certain age because they are worried that he/she will make love to someone else other than the one he/she will marry, it’s strictly not allowed to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I was raised that love is something bad, something impolite and that doesn’t exist. I was raised that marriage is just a protection to me so I will have a house and someone who has money who could buy me what I need without really knowing each others, a.k.a Arranged marriage. On the other hand, after doing searches about different cultures, asking friends and reading book, I became strongly against what my parents used to tell me. “After” is a huge influence that made me know that love is real. Love is hard to find but when we do find it, we are the happiest persons on earth. Harry and Tessa were such a despairing couple, but because they truly madly deeply love each others, they attempted to be better and they changed. Now, they will get married and it all happened because of loving each others, not because they want to be secured in a house without knowing each others at all while the reason is money and their parents’ approval, but because they know that his/her love will defend him/her, will honestly protect him/her, will prefer the best for him/her, will be romantic and also will be here for him/her even if it’s the end of the world.
For me, one of the reasons you like a book and you keep attached to it is the writer. And oh my god, Anna is an incredible writer, seriously “incredible” is nothing comparing to the way she writes. Probably her writing is a reason why I couldn’t stop reading “After”. She knows how to apply suspense to her story and how to get the story of Harry (I still don’t use Hardin sorry Harry is a hotter name) and Tessa interesting. She can make you cry, laugh, cry again, smile, angry while reading. She knows how to make you feel such an emotion in each chapter, and gratefully through its emotions, she guides you to know who is right and who is wrong, who is good and who is bad, through emotions she made us like “After Harry” who is a total jerk, that we thought that he is just here to destroy Tessa while he was trying his best to make her happy and to never lose her. Her breathtaking writing is a gift that Anna has and that I’m so glad of her to use it and to make such a fantastic series that has positively influenced a lot of writers and readers, including me.
Hessa is an ideal love story where Love isn’t easy to reach but still, it’s always present and powerful.
I learnt from “After” that Love exists if we try and that we don’t have to give up on someone we love.
I feel sorry for the haters because Anna is seriously an extraordinharry writer and person (see what I did there). Following “After” being published and soon to be a movie, which I am so excited about and I can’t wait for the book to be available where I live and also for the movie to be filmed, Anna should be like “I’m the queen, don’t touch me”, BUT no, she’s still so sweet with us and she always tweets and follows her fans. She’s funny and lovely; we seriously need more people like her today. Although the hate, I will be always supportive to “After”, and I will always be here for Anna whatever what happens.
I’m so proud of you Anna, thank you for everything, thank you for the amazing words you write and for your time you spend to make new chapters that gets me so happy when I read them and also very, very,  very emotional. You rule, Anna. Congrats for everything, you deserve all the best in this world*:x lovestruck
Sooooo much love from me and all the Middle Eastern fans!!!

From Melanie S. –

There are so many things I want to tell you, but the main one is thank you. Thank you for writing such an incredulous book that is by far my all time favorite! After included everything one could want in a romance fiction novel and I love that you made it realistic, unlike other stories where certain situations just wouldn’t happen in reality. You never made Tessa rush back to Harry as if it was mandatory and you never created the same relationship pattern; it wasn’t the typical fight, break up, and get back together again cycle. The Hessa bond was a special one that you made a part of me. You showed me what real love is and how difficult it could be, that it prevails in the end even when everything seems at it’s worst. Harry and Tessa had some rough times, like reallyrough times, and they took their respective breaks, but they never lost each other. They always found a way back to one another. After has also made my love for reading multiply by 100. I never thought it was possible for words typed on a page to bring me to so many tears and laughter and anger. The way you build our connection with each character makes me feel as if we’re on this emotional roller coaster that never ends. It’s so amazing how one person who started with boredom came to this level of talent. Who were to think one year ago that by now you would’ve already have to restock Barnes and Noble of your sold out books?! It makes me proud of you because you never stopped writing and you always made time for communicating with us, busy bee or not. And now, you’re off on several book signings and tours with YOUR favorite authors! So, thank you Anna for creating the masterpiece that is After.


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