After Casting News…Meet Ken Scott

It is officially the second week of filming on the After movie, announcements regarding the cast keep rolling in from the set. There are rumors and speculation, with many fans anxious to see who will be playing some of the most pivotal characters in the story, which is only causing the hype around this already anticipated production to heighten.

Thankfully, we can add one more name to the cast, and it is a big one!

Meet your Ken Scott…Peter Gallagher.

With a long list of acting credits to his name, Gallagher joins the cast as Hardin’s former alcoholic father. Best known for his role in the uber popular The O.C. as patriarch Sandy Cohen, the New York City native is a veteran of TV and film, including Bad Moms Christmas, Burlesque, House on Haunted Hill and Center Stage.

We can’t wait to see him take on this challenging role, and his chemistry with this already amazing cast!

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