‘After’ Movie Fans…Meet Zed

Keeping with the theme of excitement and surprises during the first week of filming for the upcoming movie production of After, the producers have set a precedent of giving fans new cast members each day since filming began July 16, 2018.

On the sixth day, they gave us Zed. The sweet boy who is vying for Tessa’s heart against her fascination with bad boy Hardin. Who takes part in what is to become the catalyst for much of their fallout in book one. Who show’s her another side, other option, even though her heart is already spoken for.

For the film adaptation, Zed will be played by Samuel Larsen.

Known as a singer foremost, he won the reality competition The Glee Project on the Oxygen network, leading to the recurring role of Joe Hart on the hit TV show. The San Francisco native is a skilled musician, playing drums, bass, keyboards and guitar. His edgy, rock look and smoldering looks makes him the perfect fit for his character in the film.

Who are you looking forward to seeing announced next?