‘After’ Movie: Meet Tessa Young

It is only the second day since filming of the highly anticipated After movie began, and we have already been treated to thrills and treats beyond our wildest dreams. After years of waiting (im)patiently for the book that gave us a newfound love of romance and difficult men, we are leaving the drought behind us.

After the first photos from set featuring Hero Finnes Tiffin in his first image as Hardin Scott emerged July 16, the excitement that followed reached a new height. We finally got to see our Hardin, and he was even more perfect than we imagined.

Well, only one day later the author Anna Todd has gifted us yet again, with our first glimpse of Josephine Langford as Tessa Young. Looking every bit the sweet, reserved girl we know in the early chapters of the book, Langford is the epitome of everything we imagined when reading the book that captivated our hearts.

As filming continues over the next six weeks or more, we have no doubt the images, clips and sneak peaks from set will give us just enough to keep us satisfied until the film hits our screens some time in 2019 (tentative). We will keep you posted on everything that emerges, so check back often!

Tell us how much you’re loving Josephine as Tessa!


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