‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ 5×18 Review : “All Roads Lead….”

Sometimes it only takes a split-second to change everything. A wise person told me that once and it’s never more evident than in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s “All Roads Lead…” as numerous characters make quick decisions that has set into motion……well that’s the big question isn’t it?

Unlike other comic-book shows, thankfully each member of the team is given their own moment without having to sacrifice the whole episode for the villain. You want to see your favorites and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D always makes sure you do each episode. (Yes, Fitz wasn’t in the first few episodes this season but they had a reason for it. They explained why he wasn’t there while further advancing the story and never taking away from his character. Unlike that show that starts with a A and ends with rrow.)

Now let’s get back to the episode and the major events that happen in it. Starting with our resident sociopath, Ruby’s big decision is one made quickly but also foolishly. She and her boy toy Strucker have FitzSimmons finish the particle infusion chamber after a some threatening. As we all know, Fitz and Simmons would rather die a hundred deaths than let anything happen to the other one so they work on the machine and get it running.

Ruby steps into the chamber and gets the gravitonium treatment just as Daisy, May and Hale show up.*

*Hale working with Daisy after willing giving herself up so they can stop Ruby. She may be a bitch but she’s a caring mom bitch. I respect that.

Only 8% of the gravitonium goes into Ruby before the pain is too much for her and she’s released from the machine. Like Creel, the voices inside the gravitonium are now inside of her and the drive her slowly mad. Strucker tries to play calming boyfriend to help her but Ruby accidentally kills him as soon as the words “I’m always going to be here” come out of his Hydra mouth.

Hale is able to use her mom voice to get to Ruby and save Daisy from the same fate. But another person enters the room and you could hear the “Kill Bill” theme play in her head :Yo-Yo.

Through the whole episode, Yo-Yo’s arms are giving her unbearable amounts of physical pain and suffering (emotional pain would have been watching Chris Carter’s season 10-11 written episodes of the X-Files but not even Hydra would use that to torture someone). Yo-Yo arrives and spots Ruby. Even though Daisy tries to give her the whole “She’s just a kid!” speech , Yo-Yo doesn’t care and slices Ruby’s throat in the blink of a eye with her own Chakram. Yo-Yo proclaims that doing this just “Saved the world” but come on. In the back of her head, there had to be a tiny voice yelling out “GOT YOU BITCH.”

Yo-Yo’s split-second decision may have gotten her revenge but it also might have doomed the world.

Ruby’s body vibrates up into the air and sends a shockwave out. Hale escapes due to the blast to her big bald overlords with messages of gravitonium and that she’s ready to give it to them. UH OH.

So Ruby is dead now and I’m pretty sure it’s going to stick. I mean, the body disappeared after her little shockwave but unless your name is Grant Ward, dead is dead usually. Ruby’s impact will be never forgotten when you look at Yo-Yo and what she took away from her. Also with her death, the level of intensity has just went up a notch.

So goodbye Ruby Hale, we’ll always have your silent snark and our bond over shipping FitzSimmons together.


  • The “Talbot as a sleeper agent” thing didn’t really lead to much. Talbot kidnaps Robin but Coulson is able to talk him out of doing anything to harm her or himself. Great performances here by Clark Gregg and Adrian Pasdar but not enough meat in this storyline for me to get connected yet.
  • Deke is in love-struck mood the whole entire episode and the only person who doesn’t see it is Daisy. Deke asks Coulson and Mack for advice. But since they are dealing with their own love stuff at the moment, Deke goes to his plan B. Give Daisy a lemon as a symbol of his love for her.
  • Deke is also Grandpa Simpson.
  • ‘Women, huh?” “Shut up Lemons.”
  • About Deke/Daisy, I don’t want to say I told you so but…..I TOLD YOU SO.
  • Coulson tries to talk to May about her declaration of love but May shut him down immediately with a “Mission comes first” line.  SIGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D airs Friday Nights at 9 pm on ABC.

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