‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 5 trailer Shows us Space is Scary (again)


After the disappointment of Marvel’s Inhumans, a lot of fans have been asking ” When does Agents of SHIELD come back?”. We got that answer a little while ago: December 1st.

The next question fans have been asking is: “Where is the trailer for season 5?” And……well there was no answer for that one. Until now.



Our first view of season 5 shows us that space once again is scary AF. We get a view of some new characters and possible allies. may knowing how to fly a space ship.  Mack correctly pointing out sci-fi tropes and is that the Kree?? However one character is missing…. Where is Fitz??? Is he once again in trouble? What does this mean for FitzSimmons?

Hopefully we get these answers and more when our favorite Marvel show comes back with it’s two-hour season premiere on ABC -December 1st at 8pm Eastern.

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