Agents of SHIELD 4×16 preview : “What If”

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has had a exceptionally strong season 4 so far. Starting with the introduction of Ghost Rider in the first half of the season and then the seamless transition to the LMD arc has led to some of the beast episodes in recent memory.

On April 4, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returns with “What If” as after the events of the great mid-season finale, Daisy and Simmons travel into the Framework world to rescue the rest of the team. However things are way different in the Framework world as Grant Ward is alive, Hydra is in charge and what the heck is up with the gravestone of Jemma??

To preview it’s return, we will highlight a few questions we have as also sharing some clips and pictures that preview “What If”


One of the most stunning images of the Framework world was that the Triskelion was not only still around but also had a big honking HYDRA logo on the side of it. Even more stunning was who was inside, as Melinda May, a Happy Melinda May was leading the way.

May, who has been inside the Framework world the longest of the team, leading Hydra?? Something is really wrong here. And that’s just the beginning.



We see a quick glimpse in the Framework of Fitz exiting out of a car like a international playboy grabbing some lady’s hand. However, this isn’t Simmons as we see that there is a gravestone with the name “Jemma Simmons” on it. Is this what would happen to Fitz if he hadn’t had Jemma in his life? Whatever caused this, the sooner Jemma reunites with Fitz in the Framework and Real world ASAP. #FitzSimmons 4 EVER.


Our quick peeks at Phil and Mack’s lives in the Framework lets us see they are living lives they wish they could have had. Coulson, now a high-school teacher, writing down why Inhumans shouldn’t be trusted. Meanwhile, we see Mack as a doting father to his baby girl who died in the real world. Will these two want to leave the Framework world?


In the preview above, when Daisy wakes up in the Framework world, she finds that she is a relationship with Grant Ward. Going by Skye again, they now are Agents of Hydra. Surprisingly it is not Lincoln in this world (Probably because Luke Mitchell is over on Blindspot) but this probably adds more intrigue and suspense to Daisy situation in the Framework world.

Can Daisy and Simmons get the team together to save the day or will they be stuck in the HYDRA-controlled dream world forever? I have no clue but I am excited to find out!!

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D returns April 4th on ABC at 10pm/9c


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