Album Review: ‘Title’ by Meghan Trainor

We’re too old for certain things, but we’re pretty sure that you will never be too old for a Meghan Trainor album. The starlet – who annoyed the fuck out of me with All That Bass – has put together an album that I can actually relate to and love.

Now, am I going to say that this is the best album ever? No. But it is catchy, and on repeat. Well certain songs are.

The thing about Meghan Trainor’s songs – is that they are fucking catchy. They are like so catchy that you can’t get them out of your head, even though you really want to. But when you hear songs like Dear Future Husband, 3AM, and Walkashame – you start looking around your house for the hidden camera’s that Trainor obviously had installed to write songs about your life.

My favorite – 3AM and Title. Can’t get enough of 3AM. Watch – it fits your life –

3AM, yup I’m texting you once again
Even though I’m hanging with my friends
I can’t help it, I can’t help myself, no
3AM, I might be looking for a late night friend
And, baby, I can’t get you out my head
I can’t help it, I can’t help myself, no

Can’t tell me that you haven’t texted someone at 3AM – anytime of the day really – and you’re like what the hell man, why haven’t you hit me back?

Title is about something that we all struggle with – having a relationship in our lives where we need that title. The one that just isn’t that whole friendship title. We need something else.

If it ain’t no thang
I won’t be hanging around
But don’t blow up my shit at 3 AM saying, “How you need me now?”
Don’t call me boo
Like you’re some kind of ghost
If you don’t want me seeing other guys
Well, here’s what you need to know


Overall Score: We give it a 3.5/5
Where We’re Listening: At the Gym getting our cardio on.
Song We’re Skipping Over: All About that Bass
Song We’re Putting on Repeat: Walkashame

Final Thoughts: Meghan is talented and fun. It’s an album you should pick up for a good time.

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