Alexandra Daddario Cast As Lead in ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’

Sophie Kinsella books are my jam. I love the fun, flirty nature of her books. I love that I feel like she really gets how to talk to me. I love that one of my favorites is now becoming a movie.

Can You Keep A Secret, which hit bookshelves way back in 2003 has cast it’s lead – Alexandra Daddario.

We’re thrilled to see Alexandra taking on the roll of Emma Corrigan, a young woman who maybe should have kept all of her secrets to herself, but she discloses all her secrets to Jack Harper, the CEO of a company. Now we’ve all been there, disclosing too many things, but the problem is the person she talks too much to and tells all her secrets to just happens to be the CEO of not just any company, but he’s the CEO of hers. Memo to ones self – no matter how turbulent a plane ride gets, keep shit to yourself.

That is sure to make things really awkward.

Now there is only one other book of Kinsella’s that has been made into a book previously, Confessions of a Shopaholic. We’re excited to see another one come to life.

Are you a fan of Kinsella’s books? Are you excited to see this one come to life?

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