All The Feels – @TheFaultMovie Trailer is Finally Here


There is a lot to be said about The Fault in Our Stars. No words accurately describe it. No emotion can feel all the feels. Everything is overwhelming and comforting at once. And somewhere in between – we find hope. We find courage. We find strength.

Never in my life has a book moved me the way that this one has. Perfection – for the first time in my life, it just doesn’t seem like enough. Cancer sucks. We all know that. But somehow – in the midst of the disease, the anger, and the loneliness – John Green managed to put hope in the heart of pain.

I can’t express exactly what this trailer means, but I can say that in a world where we all think that there is always tomorrow – we are reminded that there infinites in every moment.

Thank you Josh Boone, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff and everyone else. Simply put – this trailer gave me all the hope in the world.  And once again, through my tears I tell you – perfection just doesn’t seem like enough.

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