American Gods Introduces Bilquis in New Character Video

American Gods Introduces Bilquis in New Character Video

Out of all the characters on American Gods, Bilquis, played by Yetide Badaki, is the one that I’m most looking forward to. Like all of the Old Gods, she feels like she has been forgotten. She craves the love and worship that was bestowed upon her in the past. And tough times being as they are, this love goddess gets the worship she wants in unique and quite…shocking ways.

With Mr. Wednesday stirring up trouble between the Old Gods and the New, maybe this is an opportunity for her to gain the relevance she had in the past, in this world.

Introducing Bilquis: goddess of love, the forgotten, the resilient.

This adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book tells the story of Shadow Moon, an ex-convict, who experiences a tragedy just as he’s being released. A mysterious encounter sets him off on a cross country road trip with Mr. Wednesday, a con man who knows a little too much about Shadow. Before he knows it Shadow’s embroiled in a battle between the Old Gods and the New ones that have emerged in America.

American Gods premieres Sunday, April 30 at 9/8c on Starz.

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