Announcing the ‘Teen Wolf’ Rewind (and How You Can Participate)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fangirl in the midst of a hiatus must be in want of binge-watching material. And while Season 5 has been confirmed, Teen Wolf fans are indeed in the midst of a long, agony-inducing hiatus. Can you blame us for our feels? Though we have survived three Teen Wolf-free months thus far, the same amount of time was all we had to wait between Seasons 3B and 4. With filming yet to begin on the next season (let alone the announcement of a release date), we’re experiencing serious Moonday withdrawal. What better way to pass the time during the hiatus of one’s favorite show than by re-binge-watching said show? Enter: the Teen Wolf Rewind.

What is the Teen Wolf Rewind?

We will be re-living every transformation, hook-up, heartbreak, and showdown in Beacon Hills by re-watching every episode of Teen Wolf from the beginning. Every other week or so (starting this week), we will be breaking down a new season – the best quotes, the most important (and most OMG/WTF) moments, lingering questions, our pick for best episode, and more. In between, we’ll be featuring more editorials and special features from guest contributors – both new fans and the already-obsessed.

How to Participate

That’s where you come in. If there’s one thing the Teen Wolf fandom has no shortage of, it’s strong opinions – so send them our way. We want to feature your favorite moments, quotes, ships, episodes, etc. from each season, too. Whether you want to re-watch along with us or just weigh in on each season, we want to hear from you! And if there’s a particular aspect of an episode or season that you’d like us to cover, you can send that to us as well.

So let’s talk Teen Wolf! We’ll be sharing our Season 1 recap later this week.

You can tweet us your opinions on the first season (or any other) @Fangirlishness (#TWRewind) or email them to

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