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Arden Cho Announces Departure from ‘Teen Wolf’

Just when the McCall pack reunited after a long season of conflict, we found out that they will be one member short come Teen Wolf Season 6. Arden Cho – who plays our beloved Kitsune Kira Yukimura – announced that she will not be returning for the next season of MTVs hit show.

Arden shared the news with fans yesterday in a vlog entitled “Goodbye Teenwolf,” in which she slowly builds up to revealing that she will not be back for Season 6.

While it’s clear that the message is coming from the heart and is difficult to talk about, it’s not clear exactly why Arden is leaving the show. It’s very possible that she doesn’t know what to say to fans – many of whom were of course saddened by the news – or how much she can reveal about her exit from the show.

When Season 5B ended, Kira had gone to the Skinwalkers for help defeating Theo and the Beast, returning just in time for the final showdown. Thanks to Kira, Theo’s sister dragged him back to the hell he obviously crawled out of to begin with. In exchange for this aid and in light of her ongoing struggles with her Kitsune spirit, Kira had promised to return to the Skinwalkers. While she and Scott shared a hopeful goodbye, neither they nor fans knew when – or if – she would return.

This is Beacon Hills, and long-departed characters have returned in the past. However, if Kira’s story is indeed “wrapped up” as Arden says in her vlog, the likelihood for an eventual comeback seems questionable.

Arden shares her love for the character of Kira, the Teen Wolf cast and crew, and her fans, and teases more exciting projects to come – including more vlogs and music (and even a song about Teen Wolf) – before signing off.

While we are sad to see our favorite Kitsune go, we will be crossing our fingers for a Kira comeback down the line. After all, stranger things have happened in Beacon Hills.

How do you feel about Arden Cho departing Teen Wolf?

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