The Arrangement 1×01 Review: Pilot

Review: Pilot

Review: Pilot

We are a sucker for drama and angst. Give us a show that does both and we’re going to sit down on the couch and watch it. The Arrangement is the newest scripted drama on E!. This new series is set around the secrets, betrayals, and romances of the Hollywood elite.

It took one episode and we are hooked. What it is that hooked us? We’re not really sure we can narrow it down to one thing. But let’s talk about it.

We Meet Kyle West…

The episode begins with Kyle West getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kyle West is a really big deal in Hollywood. Instantly his notoriety and credibility is established for the viewer. We know we aren’t supposed to, but we think Tom Cruise fame and we’re just praying that we aren’t going to have a Scientology thing on our hands.

The fact that E! News was covering this makes was super meta because this is an E! Scripted Show. I liked that little touch. The beginning of the episode was a lot of information dumping and setting up of the characters, as pilots do.

Kyle has a new movie AWOL and his ex-fiance Lisbeth will be at the premiere, which is happening in Venice. Lisbeth called off their wedding and this would be their first time reuniting. AWKWARD.  He seems willing to do anything to not see her, which makes sense because she broke up with him but there appears to be something deeper and darker behind their breakup. 

Kyle West can’t be as innocent as he’s coming across. There’s a dark side there… we’re just not sure what it is… YET.

We Meet Megan Morrison…

Megan is a waitress auditioning for a new movie starring Kyle West and our protagonist. She is played by Christine Evangelista who also plays Sherry on The Walking Dead, which excites me to see her in a different role. Megan is the regular girl who gets swept up by the rich and famous guy. It is a story that we know well. But Megan doesn’t seem like the usual character of those stories because she has depth and dark secrets of her own.

The Kyle West movie could be Megan’s big acting break. She is the last audition for the day and she gets asked three imperatives (questions to reveal her character) but her answers were kind of bad. Her answers were hilarious, sarcastic, and intelligent but not exactly the way to play the game. It is clear that the people auditioning her for Kyle do not like her. 

Then the day gets even worse for Megan when we find out that her boyfriend, who is in a band, cheated on her and the girl is now pregnant. I loved that Megan just stormed out and left to go see her best friends. MEGAN’S GIRL GROUP OF FRIENDS ARE GREAT AND SMART. I REALLY LIKE THEM. (Sign us up, we want a girl group like that). 

One of Megan’s friends invites some really hot guys over and they all party and get trashed. It was great to see female characters lean on each other, as they should. Your friends are there to get your out of a funk. They are there to be supportibe.  I also really liked that they turned a horrible situation into a reason to party instead of wallowing. There are a lot of really hot people on this show – which you know, Hollywood –  and we approve.

Nothing wrong with eye candy.

Megan can’t catch a break because the next morning she wakes up to a phone call from her agent, who you may recognize as  Autumn Reeser from The OC. Megan got a callback to read with Kyle West. I love that Megan is this relatable character. Whatever can go wrong did go wrong for her and she just takes it in stride.

She is a great character for the audience to navigate the treacherous world of Hollywood through. That’s part of the great thing about Megan. She’s relatable. You feel like it could be you. 

WTF Is Up With Kyle

Kyle is a big bag of mystery because I have so many questions about him. Like why does he have goats on his property? I get it, he wants to be green but why goats. That whole scene was just really strange. I did have a working theory that he is gay, by the end of the episode I wasn’t that onboard with it. There are just a few things that you can’t figure out. But I think that is just Hollywood and who do you really know.

Kyle’s therapist (though – I am not sure she really was a therapist, I think Kyle’s creepy best friend hired her) sleeps with him, in what is supposed to be a therapy session. I am thinking that’s against her ethical oath – but…  who knows. He doesn’t seem like the guy who is so heartbroken that he can’t bear to see his ex-fiance.

Therapist scene really unnerved me in how abusive that type of relationship could be. This whole exposition of Kyle before he meets Megan just gave me an uncomfortable feeling about him. He is super attractive, but weird. Maybe that’s what happens when you are isolated and famous – but if that’s the case – shout out to the people that keep their crazy hidden from us. You are some really great actors.

Something isn’t right here and I am loving being the detective to try and sniff out the weirdness. 

Megan and Kyle Meet…

Megan’s call back scene with Kyle was amazing and gave me chills. Megan can really act, which we are thankful for because Kyle seems to have a breakdown when he meets people who can’t. Calm down Kyle. 

Kyle asks her to lunch because he finds her crying walking to her car. Chivalry isn’t dead my friends.  Kyle takes her to this small fish taco joint that is closed where he ate when he was starting out for free and then repaid the man by putting his son through college. Always appreciate everyone people – just saying. 

Terrence Anderson was running the auditions also runs the Institute for the High Mind. Terrence also happens to be Kyle’s bestie.  Now, there is a bestie and a person who has done mind control and I am leaning on the side of mind control. Their relationship makes me think differently about Kyle. I do think Terrence is going to be a great manipulative villain for this show. I already hate him. Terrence and his wife are so controlling of Kyle and make it seem like he is completely unstable. 

Kyle invited Megan to his meeting to buy a freaking island in Mexico. Guys, where can I find a man like that? The ones I date can’t buy a taco from the bell.

As an English major and Shakespeare nerd I was dying during Megan’s hip-hop tribute to Shakespeare from her High School Talent show, I died. It took balls – appreciate her sense of confidence. Our lyrics will never be able to slay you. Kyle leaves her in the morning after they slept together for his meeting and she goes home.

The Contract…

Kyle offers Megan a marriage contract and if everything goes well she gets $10 million dollars. Inside, I would like to say that I could do this, but I am not sure. Though – yes, making a mental note of all the things that I would spend $10M on.

This trope reminds me of so many romance novels that I’ve read and that means he has to be hiding something to warrant this. But hey, I am not sure.  They give us a little and then give us no more. 

So, when a guy tells you to meet him on the side of a mountain – I am sure that I would be the first person to say no. But, I guess that it’s a great story for the grandkids one day. Megan is smart she knows there must be something he wants to cover up. She asks the right questions, though I probably would have asked a lot more. Look, I get love at first sight, but it seems like Kyle was invested in her vajayjay and thinking that he could manipulate her. He wants to take her to Venice and has been nervous about seeing Lisbeth.

Just say no Megan.

Later… next day… who knows…

Her lawyer friend Shaun alludes to something Megan did that was not so perfect that could blow up in her face. What did you do Megan? What did you do? 

One question I had was Annica that girl Alexa from earlier on in the show? Terrence’s wife is going get her an agent this whole thing is fishy. Yet, I digress. 

Megan is at Kyle’s, signs the contract, and it seems like everything is going to be happy. This is Hollywood though and if there is such a thing as happy endings, well… we’d be shocked. $10 million dollars seems like selling your soul to the devil. Hell is a real place and it’s the land of pap’s and beaches.

We get our glitzy ending to the pilot though –  because we see Megan and Kyle leaving his place and heading into the limelight. 

Watch out Megan…

The Arrangement airs on Sundays at 10|9c on E!

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