The Arrangement 1×02 Review: The Ex

The Arrangement The Ex

The Arrangement has definitely become our new obsession.

In this week’s episode, we meet Kyle West’s infamous ex, Lisbeth, and Megan starts to see that this relationship might not be as easy as she expected. The pilot set up the story and the mystery for The Arrangement and this week we got more character development. 

Come For The Drama, Stay For The Humor

While The Arrangement is great for its angsty drama in this new episode it showed a lighter side. There were so many really funny moments especially in the first half of the episode. Megan’s awkward nude moment was hysterical. It is great to see that this show has both the ability to balance the levity of comedy with drama. It was the best kind of cringey. Kyle’s assistant really creeps me out, is that just me? It might just be me!

 Their chemistry is on full display this episode, especially after that steamy first scene. They are very into each other and it makes for some great television. Kyle has that romance hero moment by paying for everything on their trip. Hey, as a poor college student I would never tell someone no to an all expense paid trip to Italy!

Megan has her pretty woman moment trying on fancy gowns and I love that her sassy friends are there. I hope that we see even more of her friends as the show continues. They have the potential to be well developed supporting characters. Megan begins to see that she doesn’t really have much control in the relationship. This relationship has the potential to become very toxic and unhealthy, but right now it is new and exhilarating.

The whole thing about the hotel rooms being under fake names with an extra room under a different fake name was really interesting. It had me wondering if that is something that actually happens as a security measure for celebrities. I hope that we hear more insider Hollywood information as the show progresses!

Venice: The City Of Love?

The transitions from seeing the Venice waterways to Kyle’s movie were visually stunning. But seeing Megan crying while watching Kyle’s dramatic war scene had me cracking up laughing. It was not at all intended to be a funny scene, but the dramatics were so over the top from the music to the cuts that I couldn’t help but laugh. Megan is just so genuine and I love her for that!

Kyle and Megan dressing up in disguise to go see the sights of Italy gave me all the feels. Megan wears a trench coat and sunglasses, while Kyle has a fake beard made of real hair. It was adorable. Again, another great example that this show is not all about the shady mystery and the angsty drama.

This scene is also great because we know that Megan and Kyle are spending time genuinely getting to know each other. They talk about music and concerts. I like that it is moving past this insta-love/infatuation to see relationship and character development. Kyle planned a beautiful romantic dinner on a boat and shows us why we should be shipping this couple. I just can’t with how cute this all was. Kyle West is definitely growing on me. I’m still not sure if I can trust him after the pilot, but boy do I love watching him.

There Are So Many Secrets!

Annica knows Megan? Was Annica the girl who Megan’s boyfriend got pregnant? WTF is going on! There are so many secrets and I am dying to know what is going on. Then she shows up at the Institute for the Higher Mind and Terrence doesn’t know who she is. So his fiancé is keeping secrets from him too. They are quite the pair!

Megan eavesdrops on Kyle’s therapy session with Terrence which looks a bit like hypnosis and is very new age. Maybe it really is helping his mental health. We can’t judge what helps people and maybe the Institute for the Higher Mind is actually good and legit? I guess we will find out!

THEIR SHIP NAME IS KYGAN. It is so cute that we see Megan reacting to it. Hopefully we will see more about how fandom affects actors lives. It could be a different perspective that I would love to see.

We Meet The Ex

We finally meet the infamous Lisbeth, Kyle’s ex-fiance, and she is gorgeous. I am in love with the gown she was wearing. Then the whole moment is broken down on E! News for us. It is so brilliant that this is going to be something that continues on this show and makes so much sense with the network’s platform. It does always confuse me because I mistake it for a commercial and then realize it isn’t.

After Kyle leaves Megan by herself to talk to Lisbeth, Megan winds up in the bathroom taking selfies and Lisbeth does not want to be friendly. She tells her she is on her own. Their relationship was clearly similar so what made it go up in flames? Something soured it and Megan is going to find out eventually. I hope this isn’t the last of Lisbeth that we see. Her character is so intriguing!

Megan gets accosted by a guy while walking back to the hotel after drinks and we see that Kyle has some anger issues. Megan probably shouldn’t have gone out knowing how much of a security risk it could be, but I like that she stood up for herself to him. She didn’t let Kyle victim blame her for the assault. Also, Kyle punched a paparazzi and his management then covered it up. This can’t be the first time that his anger has pushed him to do something.

Megan tries to pacify their relationship with sex when he was upset, which is not going to lead to anything good. We’ve seen that Terrence hired a fake therapist to have sex with Kyle so he does seem to have deeper issues. Their relationship is quickly heading into an unhealthy direction and I hope the show handles that well.

Finally, Terrence shows up to deal with Megan’s issues with authority because she hasn’t followed the rules. It looks like the two of them will be facing off continuously throughout the show. But I think Kyle’s issues might be more pressing.

The Arrangement is full of juicy drama from Kyle’s issues to Megan’s unknown backstory. Then there is Annica who is a complete mystery. The Institute of the Higher Mind is another questionable aspect, is it good or is it false? There are so many questions that we can’t wait to see unfold, but it looks like the next episode might bring some answers about Megan and even more drama!

The Arrangement airs Sundays at 10/9c on E!

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