The Arrangement 1×04 Review: Crashing

The Arrangement Crashing

The Arrangement Crashing

This week’s episode of The Arrangement, “Crashing,” picks up after the drama that went down with last week’s nude leak and the breakup that ensued. This show is really picking up its pace. The character development is excellent and I am loving that we are seeing more of Shaun and Deann. I expected to love the angsty drama of a fake Hollywood relationship went I started watching this show. I am hooked to the dark and mysterious nature of the Institute.

Megan’s Replacement

This episode begins with the scene Megan did for her call back for the movie she was supposed to be in with Kyle. Since Megan got fired from in last week’s episode for the nude photo scandal she has been replaced with a big name actress, Amelia. Right away we see how much of a better actress Megan is! Megan made the moment emotional and human compared to Amelia who can’t even fake a cry and sounds like a robot. 

Megan not talking to Kyle put her in breach of the contract.  She can only go a maximum of three days without speaking to Kyle. I liked the way we saw the phone screen of Kyle calling Megan and her hitting decline. It adds something unique to the show just like the past episodes had the E! news commentary on their relationship. At her agency, Megan runs into Daisy the indie filmmaker she met in Italy. Daisy takes her to a porno shoot, which was a strange yet funny scene. But it was yet another moment that Megan found herself in that you knew was not going to end well for her. 

Megan finally picks up Kyle’s call and she tells him about the porn she was watching and they have phone sex, which is them making up after their fight. It seems like everyone of their arguments is solved with sex with is not at all a healthy relationship for a normal couple. They are definitely going to crash and burn, but it will be fun to watch along the way. 

The porn set visit does come crashing down on Megan when photos of her there are in the tabloids. But Terrence let’s it all blow over because Megan and Kyle are talking again.

The Literal Crashing

Kyle is trying to recruit a star athlete, Brendon, for the Institute in order to get more athletes in the program. We still don’t really know all that much about the Institute and how it works or what its agenda is. It is still very shady and feels a lot like Scientology. I hope we see the show develop it more with its own identity.

Megan and Kyle double date with the athlete Brendon and his wife Claudia. She is not interested in the Institute. Claudia is quite perceptive and picks up on the fact that Megan and Kyle’s relationship is fake. Claudia feels that Kyle is too stuck up for karaoke and he gets Megan to sing with him. The two get up and rap and it is fantastic! It was a lighter moment that this show needs to keep it dynamic. 

Claudia and Brendon get distracted fighting/flirting and end up crashing the car. The other car swerved out of the way and hit a pole. Megan is the first to go straight to the man’s car to see if he was okay rather than think about what this would do to their career. Kyle does go over to help the man. Brendon gives the cops a hard time, but Terrence shows up and saves the day with the captain of the police on the line.

The story gets spun to say Brendon and Kyle saved the man who was in the crash and that it was all because of the Institute. Terrence’s actions will make Brendon commit to the Institute.

Who is the real Kyle?

Kyle personally revealed that he had a prior arrangement with a woman who was basically a live in playmate for sex. But his relationship with Megan is very different and more real. How many arrangements have there been? 

Megan says she doesn’t know who Kyle is and wants to know who he was before the Institute. Kyle says that he was physically abused as a child and Terrence saved his life. Kyle feels like everything good in his life is because of Terrence. We finally get another glimpse into the dark layers of Kyle West. I can’t wait to see what else he is hiding and how it is impacting who he is now. 

The end of the episode goes back to the movie Kyle is shooting. Instead of getting the fake tears, Kyle goes dark and threatens Amelia. It was really cruel and unnecessary, but now we see the dark side that is hiding under the facade of Hollywood Prince. This show is doing such a great job of teasing us with the many layers to the characters and the Institute. Each episode has a specific plot line that the characters are navigating, but all the while we are getting bits and pieces to the darker story at play.

What the hell is up with the Institute?

Deann is quickly becoming my favorite character on this show. I love that she doesn’t agree with Terrence on everything and now has a backbone. She isn’t a straight antagonist and really is looking out for Megan’s best interests. She has become more than just Terrence’s wife.

Annica is back! She comes by set to give Deann a script because she doesn’t want to be just an actress. The plot line with Annica is so odd. I’m not at all sure of her motivations or what she wants. She finally got tied into the story in a larger way at the end, but I just don’t get what the big picture with her character that the show is trying to achieve.

Terrence is still dealing with the missing persons case that we found out about in the last episode. But now we learned that three people have disappeared in the last two years all tied to the Institute. All of the pieces come together when we learn that Sophie is at a facility for the Institute and not missing at all. There is some really shady stuff going down. 

The episode ends with a giant cliff hanger and oh shit moment. Annica went to Terrence to bypass Deann to join the Institute, which is a big no no. But then she kisses Terrence on the lips and Deann on the neck. This is not a kiss on the cheek greeting of hello. It is sexually charged and a power move, but why? So are Terrence and Deann into threesomes?  What is the Institute up to?!?

I have so many unanswered questions when it comes to this show. The Arrangement is getting more complicated with every episode.

The Arrangement airs Sundays 10|9c on E!

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