The Arrangement Photos: “The Ex”

Guys, we’re a little obsessed with The Arrangement. If you aren’t watching E!’s newest scripted show, you are missing out. The show stars Josh Henderson (“Dallas”), Christine Evangelista (“Chicago Fire”), Lexa Doig (“Continuum”) and Michael Vartan (“Alias”). If you are wondering why you should be watching – we broke it down for you HERE.

The second episode seems like we are going to get a little more drama in our lives. Here’s what The Ex is all about.

Kyle & Megan’s relationship starts with a whirlwind trip to Venice where they both have very different reactions to Lisbeth, Megan experiences some of the best and worst her new life has to offer & Megan is surprised when Kyle pulls back the curtain on some of his true colors for the first time.

The Arrangement airs Sunday’s on E!.

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