‘Arrow’ 2×15 Recap: Everything is Slade Wilson and nothing hurts

The PromiseIs this real life? My heart is still racing and my mind still spinning from last night’s episode of Arrow. “The Promise” did exactly as it promised to do (hehe). Blew. My. Mind.

Overall, this episode was fantastic. Not my favorite of the season, but maybe because this episode was so hyped that it fell just short. The visuals were stunning and by far the best of the season, but we didn’t really learn anything new. Still an incredible episode!

More than anything this episode set up the remaining eight episodes of the season. Slade isn’t hiding anymore. He made damn sure that Oliver knows how easy it is for him to get to those that he cares about. Everything from here-on-out to the finale will be hold-your-breath, edge-of-your-seat type epicness.

Let’s get to it. Warning: There will be immense fangirling discussion (and GIFS) of spoilers, so click at your own risk!


The birth of Arrow and the rise of Deathstroke


Credit: thecwarrow

This moment was a big one. The first time that Oliver donned the green hood. And the first time that Slade suited up as Deathstroke. It was also the first time Oliver and Slade suited up as Arrow and Deathstroke. Together. I got chills watching this scene. It was so beautifully shot and foreshadowing of an eventual present-day battle with these two. Oh, it’s going to be epic.

The origin of Slade’s promise to Oliver


Credit: arthurdrvill

We’ve essentially known since the midseason finale what Slade’s promise to Oliver was, so it wasn’t a big shock when we finally learned it. But it was nice to see the events that happened leading up to Slade actually making his “promise” to Oliver. And it was nice to see Slade reiterate that promise. Basically, Slade is coming for everybody in Oliver’s life. Take cover, ya’ll!

Slade tortures Oliver in his own home


Credit: smoakingarrows

Okay, I have to admit I enjoyed this immensely. I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to like the villain here, but goddamn Slade is just so smooth. You can tell he’s perfectly crafted every sentence, every movement. His meeting with Oliver wasn’t an accident. Truth is, Oliver has been acting like a bit of a dick lately, so it was nice to see Slade put Oliver on his ass in present-day Starling City. #SorryNotSorry

Slade learns the truth about Shado


Credit: littlegirlinvisible, arthurdrvill

We knew it was coming. And we knew how Slade would react. But, damn, after watching that scene it’s officially on. Everything came full circle. Just a few episodes ago, Oliver told Diggle and Felicity that he regrets that he didn’t tell Slade the truth about Shado. And how badly it ended up. Clearly, Slade’s overreaction was due to the Mirakuru in his system. And it worked. It shows not only that he wasn’t thinking clearly, but that the Mirakuru has a powerful and unhealthy emotional consequences.

Dr. Ivo is totally Felicity’s father, right?


Credit: peetahales, littlegirlinvisible

I’ve had this theory since Heir to the Demon. And it’s something that I wanted to happen. But it wasn’t until tonight’s episode (and the media actually mentioning it and hints toward it) that I legitimately believed it to be true. Back in 2×13, Felicity opened up about her father and how he abandoned her and her mother. In 2×15, we see that Ivo’s intentions are because of his family, mainly his medically-ill wife. The seeds are planted for this theory. But more on this theory (and why it makes sense) in another post.

Team Arrow to the rescue

Credit: thecomfortador

This was the first time that we got to see Team Arrow sans Arrow assemble. And, damn, was it badass. Everyone played a part in the (seemingly useless?) “rescue” of Oliver. Felicity manned the technology while Diggle, Roy and Sara took action in the field. No one was in the background or being underutilized like in previous episodes. More of this please!

It’s good to know Oliver’s emergency contact is Felicity


Credit: peetahales

But we all kind of already knew that. Leave it to me to find Olicity in an episode where Oliver and Felicity aren’t in the same room together yet alone never speak to one another. Let’s talk about the fact that Oliver called Felicity. Not Sara. Not Diggle. Not Roy. Felicity. Who does he trust most? Who did he call when he and his family were in danger? Who did he believe could help him? Felicity, baby. *drops mic*

Another cute Olicity moment

Credit: akscully

These two and their feelings for each other. I swear to God. Cause of death: Olicity feels.

Felicity just might be Oliver’s ‘ace in the hole’ vs. Slade

Credit: vampire-blondie

As of the end of episode 2×15, Slade Wilson has met or mentioned everyone in Team Arrow except for one. Felicity Smoak. And I don’t think that was unintentional. I love the idea that Slade won’t know about Felicity until it’s too late. Felicity is Oliver’s secret weapon. And she will take Slade down. For Oliver. FEELS.

Another ‘Arrow’ hiatus?! And when it’s time for Suicide Squad?!

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