‘Arrow’ 2×17 Recap: The Birds of Prey take flight

Arrow217BirdsofPrey17Women kicking ass. What more could one ask for?

In 2×17 “Birds of Prey,” The Huntress returns to Starling City to once again attempt to exact revenge on her father for killing her fiancé. But when Laurel gets caught in the middle of a trap-turned-hostage-situation, Sara will do anything to make sure Laurel gets out alive.

This episode made me feel a lot of things. Fangirly things. I’d been a little concern in the character development of the show over the last few episodes, but there was progress there for some characters which I was happy about. Overall, an episode focused around badass women (Helena, Sara, Felicity, Laurel, Thea)? Thank you, Arrow writers.

Let’s get to it. Warning: There will be immense fangirling discussion (and GIFS) of spoilers, so click at your own risk!


The Huntress is back and fiercer than ever


Credit: felicitysmoak

The return of The Huntress certainly didn’t disappoint. The last time we saw Helena, she was losing control. In “Birds of Prey,” she had officially lost it. But she’s still got her swagger.

Black Canary vs. The Huntress


Credit: vampire-blondie

Oh, I’ve been waiting for this showdown. Yeah, the boys can play, but let the girls show you how it’s done. I have to admit it’s weird seeing Canary and Huntress going at each others’ throats, but I just know they’ll be teaming up in the future to take down some baddies.

Team Arrow works so well together


Credit: supagirl

This was the first time we got to see everyone in new Team Arrow working together. The last time we saw Diggle, Felicity, Roy and Sara working together to rescue Oliver, but this time we got to see all five of them working to take down The Huntress. And it was grand.

Laurel gets her groove back


Credit: ilovekcassidy

I haven’t been a fan of the Laurel character since season one (when she was with Tommy), but she’s finally starting to grow on me. And a part of that was her character growth in this episode. While she was being held hostage in the courthouse, she had the chance to crush everything she had built (30 days sober), but she didn’t. She finally understood that all of her problems could be fixed by things that weren’t alcohol or pills.

Roy doesn’t want a nickname (too bad, Arsenal)


Credit: felicitysm0ak

Don’t call him Speedy. But you’ll eventually be calling him Arsenal, according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim. More evidence that Roy is inching (however slowly) closer to being Red Arrow from the comics. God, I loved this moment so much.

Felicity’s sassiness is back and better than ever


Credit: peetahales

Only Felicity can get away with dissing Oliver so ruthlessly and him just take it. (See above.) So married. This episode still didn’t have enough Felicity in it for me, but the scenes that she was in she absolutely owned it. Like her sass levels were off the charts. From her dig about “Oliver’s psycho ex-girfriend” to “oh…OH” to “It’s getting really hard to keep track of who knows who’s identity,” Felicity was flawless. Which she always is.

Also, Felicity and Diggle tag team with the sass


Credit: felicitysm0ak

Oh, and this moment. Felicity-Diggle tag team for a sassy moment. Oh, Dig, I love you. That nod. Enough said. Please give me a show or a web show with just these two please. They are literally the best.

How does Detective Lance still not know that Oliver is The Arrow?


Credit: castielhummelstilinski

Like, come ON. How does Detective Lance not know Oliver = Arrow? He’s a freaking detective. I laughed super hard at this moment though (above). Also, kudos to Oliver for putting Lance in his phone as his mom. Smart. I bet Felicity thought of that. Lance has stood super close to the Arrow who’s only concealment is a thin compressible micro fabric mask and a hood. I’d say I’m disappointed in Quentin, but practically everyone is stupid when it comes to discovering secret identities on this show unless it’s revealed to them.

Redemption coming for Helena?


Credit: dopedaenerys

More character growth. And it was just beautiful. Helena realizing that with her father dead she feels more alone than she did when he was alive. That him dying changed nothing. The darkness is still there. The hurt is still nagging. The emotional turmoil still overpowering. But I loved that she shows signs of redemption. I really want that for her. I’ve always loved Helena/The Huntress (except when she hurt Felicity last season), and I’m so glad she’s still alive and kicking. This essentially opens the door for more Birds of Prey goodness, this time with Sara, Helena AND Felicity.

Slade Wilson just kicked this up a notch


Credit: felicityholysmoak

When the shot of Thea walking alone in the Glades popped up, I just knew this wasn’t going to end well. I was wrong. It ended much worse than I thought it would. Seriously, Oliver, why are you letting your sister walk home alone with Slade out there? But shit is officially about to go down now. This cliffhanger just kicked this season onto a whole new level. Note: There are still six episodes left this season. So much can happen in six hours. And this is just the beginning.

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