Arrow: 37 Moments That Remind Us Why Olicity is Endgame

There’s no better holiday for fans of a ship than Valentine’s Day, which is basically a celebration of love. And there are so many beautiful love stories to celebrate. But my personal favorite has and will always be Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity, who swiftly captured my heart and dedication from the very start.

It’s been a love story that no one saw coming. No one expected Olicity’s relationship to blossom the way it did, to flourish the way it has. But it’s an incredible testament to Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, as well as the writers who know exactly how to write this couple the right way.

While it’s been a rough go for Oliver and Felicity fans this past season and a half, there are countless beautiful and significant moments in their history that remind us that – while things might look hopeless now – that Olicity is without a doubt the endgame for Arrow.

Here are 37 moments that have reminded us why Olicity is endgame:

1. The moment they first met and sparks flew.

If you ever wanted to see lightning captured in a bottle; if you ever wanted to see fate come to pass on television, this was that moment. This was the moment everything changed.

2. The moment Felicity reminded Oliver that he’s not alone (and that she believes in him.)

Every hero needs their own hero. Oliver’s hero is Felicity, who has managed to inspire him even in the darkest of moments. No one else is capable of that.

3. The moment Oliver delivered his heartfelt vows (in a fake wedding that felt anything but fake.)

The wedding might’ve been a set-up, but Oliver’s heartfelt words to Felicity about her being his always, making him a better person, and wanting the chance to be all of that for her was anything but fake. I’m tearing up just writing the words.

4. The moment Felicity begged Oliver to not turn himself over to Slade (and he nearly listened.)

Back during the early days of Olicity’s relationship it was these moments built on fiery chemistry and tension that set our hearts on fire. So when Felicity begged Oliver to not walk away – and when Oliver had to physically stop himself from kissing her then and there – we felt that in our hearts. Still do.

5. The moment Oliver told Felicity “there was no choice to make” when it comes to saving her.

This was the “I love you” before the “I love you.” This was Oliver telling Felicity there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to keep her safe. That right there was the first real love confession.

6. The moment Oliver and Felicity had a conversation about what it takes to be in a marriage.

This is the kind of stuff that we need to see with relationships on television. This was such a beautiful, raw moment between the two where they discussed what it takes to make a marriage work. And there was such genuine love and respect in that conversation.

7. The moment Oliver proposed to Felicity.

It doesn’t even matter that it was a public proposal, but Oliver’s heartfelt speech thanking Felicity for being the one who “lights my way” and ultimately ends with him asking her to make him the happiest guy on the face of the Earth was worth it.

8. The moment Oliver told Felicity he would be by her side “for better or worse.”

If you ever had any doubts that Oliver Queen would stand by Felicity until his last breath then this was the moment where all doubts were erased. And if you have any doubts about Olicity reconciling (and reuniting!), then just think about this moment for a while longer.

9. The moment Oliver remembered the exact color pen Felicity had during their first meeting.


I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night, but Oliver Queen – the once pompous, arrogant playboy – remembers the exact pen color Felicity was chewing on the day they met three years prior. That’s love. (That’s also the way to make me melt with three words: “It was red.”)

10. The moment Oliver told Felicity he loves her for the first time.

This was the moment the Olicity fandom’s collective hearts stopped for a moment as Oliver told Felicity that he loves her for the very first time as he knew very well he was walking to his death to fight Ra’s al Ghul. It was such a simple moment that held so much significance and made us weak at the knees where we stood.

11. The moment Felicity told Oliver she loves him for the first time.

Oliver’s face will forever be etched in mind at the exact moment Felicity told him that she loved him in Nanda Parbat. There was this incredulous wonder that he couldn’t believe the someone this good, this pure, this light could ever feel the same way he does about her. But of course. Oliver and Felicity are the epic love story of this series.

12. The moment Felicity reminded Oliver that she’ll always be happy as long as he’s in her life.

Oliver is always concerned with Felicity’s happiness before his own, so when Felicity made it damn clear that she’ll be happy as long as he’s in her life it was a damn wake-up call to stop. Pushing. Her. Away. It also reminded us that even during tough times like now – where they aren’t together together – that just being in each other’s lives is enough…for now.

13. The moment Felicity told Oliver that they found themselves in each other.

Being in love is scary. Giving all of yourself to someone else and letting them in in a way you never have before makes you scary vulnerable. But that’s the kind of forever love Oliver and Felicity have. They found themselves in each other in a world filled with darkness.

14. The moment Felicity reminded Oliver she loves every moment she’s with him.

Basically, it doesn’t matter where they are or what they’re doing, Oliver and Felicity’s love isn’t limited to blissful life in the suburbs. It’s the kind of love that defies all others. It’s a forever love.

15. The moment Oliver and Felicity kissed for the first time (and Oliver refused to tell Felicity he didn’t love her.)

The kiss to end all kisses. That’s what this kiss was described as in the script, right? And boy was it. But also Oliver’s refusing to lie to Felicity about how he felt – as he was breaking her heart – was the beautiful angst that we all love.

16. The moment Oliver and Felicity slept together for the first time.

That was the moment that Olicity broke the Internet, the fandom, and our thought processes. It was such a beautiful moment for Oliver and Felicity that the writers really took the time to respect. It burned with fire and passion, it made our mouths fall open, and it continues to rock the fandom to this very day.

17. The moment Oliver shattered our hearts when he said he couldn’t be without someone he could really care about.

This was the moment that Oliver first realized that he had feelings for Felicity that extended beyond platonic. This was the dawning realization that he had feelings about her that he couldn’t suppress, although he tried real hard to. This was the moment that Oliver and Felicity’s endgame began.

18. The moment Oliver asked Felicity out on a date.

We will never get over Oliver Queen, former smooth, cocky playboy, was rambling and stuttering as he tried to ask Felicity Smoak out on a date. Like seriously. There is only one woman for Oliver Queen, and it’s Felicity Smoak.

19. The moment Oliver offered a shoulder for Felicity to lean on.

Oliver and Felicity’s relationship is grounded in this deep trust and friendship they’ve cultivated over the years. This was one of those defining moments where Oliver went out of his way to reassure Felicity that he would always be there for her. And he will.

20. The moment Oliver and Felicity trusted each other.

This relationship that we know today would be nothing without this integral moment where Felicity decided she could trust Oliver, and the moment not long after he realized he could truset her. Giving someone your trust isn’t an easy thing. But once you do, everything changes.

21. The moment Oliver refused not to act because “It’s Felicity!”

There’s really no other reason needed.

22. The moment Oliver protected Felicity from Deathstroke.

Long before there were any romantic implications, Oliver proved that protecting Felicity is this innate, reflexive response, as we saw when Deathstroke broke into the Foundry and unloaded his gun. Oliver literally shielded Felicity with his body as he stood protectively in front of her. Seriously!

23. The moment Oliver protected Felicity from Black Siren.

Not together? Doesn’t matter. When Prometheus presents Oliver with a choice of saving Felicity or capturing him, there was no choice to make. When Black Siren tried to kill Felicity, Oliver’s instinct was to shield her with his body and protect her first and at all costs.

24. The moment Oliver always protects Felicity.

No seriously, there will never not be a moment where Oliver’s first instinct is to protect Felicity.

25. The moment Oliver and Felicity left Starling City to find happiness with each other.

This superhero world is a reminder of how precious life is. You have to live in the moment. And in this moment, Oliver and Felicity chose to find happiness with other, which officially began the Green Arrow transition for Oliver’s story.

26. The moment Felicity reminded Oliver that she knows who he is.

Felicity has proven on several occasions (a constant) that she has the ability to inspire Oliver when he’s feeling the darkness overpower him. When all hope feels lost, Felicity reminded him that regardless of whether he’s the (Green) Arrow or Oliver Queen, he’s still the man she loves believes in.

27. The moment Oliver told Felicity that she was the woman he loves (and not Laurel).

The moment everything changed for Oliver and Felicity. The ruse that nearly killed the Olicity fandom. The moment where the truth was realized and uttered. There was never a question of the woman Oliver truly loved after this moment.

28. The moment Oliver reassured Felicity that there’s no place he’d rather be than on her side.

Oliver is on Felicity’s side. Always. She is his light, his heart, his everything. Being by her side is a given. It’s also a reminder of the beautiful partnership they share both in their personal lives and their professional lives. Always by each other’s side. Where else would they be?

29. The moment Felicity tried to get Oliver out of Nanda Parbat because she wasn’t going to lose him.

Felicity was never going to accept Oliver being taken from her life, but when the moment called for it she did something we would never have expected to try to save Oliver. Because after confessing her love for him and being with him, she couldn’t imagine her life without him in it. And while it didn’t work, Oliver loved her all the more for trying to save him.

30. The moment Oliver and Felicity didn’t say goodbye.

Perhaps one of the more heartbreaking Olicity scenes to watch, this was the moment when both Oliver and Felicity had to come to grips with a reality where they would be torn from each other’s lives. It was cruel because there was so much promise. And the heartbreaking goodbye – cemented by a beautiful kiss – reminds us that there is no reality without Oliver and Felicity in each other’s lives.

31. The moment Felicity didn’t leave Oliver.

When everything was crumbling down around him – after losing Laurel, Thea, and Diggle leaving – Felicity was the one person that remained behind with Oliver following the tragic events of season 4. It was a reminder that Oliver and Felicity will always stand by each other’s side. They’re stronger together.

32. The moment Oliver called Felicity his “partner.”

Oliver has never one to be completely in touch with his feelings, so for him to open up to Felicity about how he’s grown to rely on her (and Diggle) as much as he has (this is back in early season two), that was a big moment for him. It was the moment Oliver acknowledged Felicity as his partner. Only he had no idea exactly the lengths that word would soon mean.

33. The moment Felicity guided Oliver home in the Dominators’ faux reality.

Even the Dominators couldn’t stop the force that is Olicity. When Oliver was trapped in the Dominators’ fake reality, Oliver was guided home by the visions of Smoak Technologies and the sight of Felicity. When he saw her, everything came back to him. He realized that this wasn’t his reality.

34. The moment Oliver stared longingly at Felicity envisioning a family with her.

This is such an underrated and brief moment, but long before Oliver and Felicity started dating (and even before their first kiss minutes later), Oliver watching Felicity interact with Baby Sara, envisioning a family with her was something that just makes your heart sing.

35. The moment Oliver told Felicity his love for her is a “mortal lock”

Even when Oliver and Felicity aren’t together they are. Their relationship might’ve come to a (temporary) standstill, but their love for each other will never waver. It’s a “mortal lock.”

36. The moment Oliver was happy.

Oliver Queen and happiness are two things that do not go together. Until Felicity walked into his life, that is. This was the moment Oliver opened himself up to the possibility of being happy. This was the moment Oliver allowed himself to truly be happy. Because Felicity was by his side.

Last but certainly not least (and perhaps the most important one at this time):

37. The moment Oliver reminded us that “nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.”

Things might seem hopeless and difficult right now as Oliver and Felicity aren’t together (and were/are dating other people), but as Oliver told Felicity last season: “Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.” It must be fought for. It must be earned. And that’s the journey they’re on right now.

What are some of your favorite Olicity moments?

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