‘Arrow’ 3×02 Preview Guide: ‘Sara’

It’s time to say goodbye on tonight’s all-new episode of Arrow, which focuses on the death of Sara Lance and the effect it has on those who loved her. We’re grabbing every Kleenex box within a 5-mile radius and a bottle of our favorite Jack. This is going to be rough one.

We’re getting you ready for tonight’s emotional episode with sneak peeks, photos and five things we’ll be on the look-out for.

ARROW (3×02) – “SARA”

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 8pm, The CW


5 Things We Want to Know:

  1. Who killed Sara? — Or will we at least learn of a suspect?

    It’s a mystery that will take up the first nine episodes of season 3, according to producers, but it’s still the No. 1 thing we need to know. It’s killing us. Who stole our Canary from us? We have a few theories, due to the three arrows Sara took to the gut and her involvement with the League of Assassins, but we’re hoping we get some more hints that will help us find her killer. And when the killer is revealed, well, we all want vengeance.

  2. How will Sara’s death jumpstart Laurel’s path to becoming Black Canary?

    Sara had to die so Laurel could become Black Canary. However much I hate it (read this here), it’s the truth. This is Laurel’s island. Sara was the person Laurel loved most in her life. She’ll not only want vengeance (get in line) but she’ll want to honor her sister. From what we’ve seen from teases, Laurel’s about to get dark. Remember Helena’s warning last season? “Once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.”? “Black” Canary will actually be pretty fitting as she begins her presumably season-long journey becoming Black Canary.

  3. How will Sara’s death impact Team Arrow?

    Laurel and Quentin aren’t the only one who will be affected by Sara’s death. It’s going to affect Team Arrow in a big way, especially Oliver and Felicity. Remember how Diggle stepped down from his active involvement in Team Arrow? Something tells me that will change now that Sara’s dead. And while Roy and Sara never really saw eye-to-eye (thanks to the Mirakuru and whole Sara trying to kill Roy because of it), it’ll surely still affect him as it does his team.

  4. How does Sara’s death affect Oliver and Felicity’s relationship?

    Sara’s death is said to have significant implications for Oliver and Felicity’s romantic relationship. When we last left the pair, Oliver was telling Felicity that he can’t be both The Arrow and Oliver Queen “maybe not ever” before kissing her then telling her in reverse that he loved her and then her walking away. Will Sara’s death bring them back together? Or will it tear them even further apart?

  5. Why is Oliver asked to kill Tommy in the flashbacks?

    The good news is Tommy Merlyn is back. The bad news is Oliver is ordered to kill him. As has been teased since Comic Con, Oliver sees Tommy and Malcolm Merlyn in Hong Kong and apparently is ordered by Amanda Waller to kill him. The question is: Why? Shouldn’t it be Malcolm she targets, if anyone? We know Tommy survives (until he doesn’t in the season 1 finale), but we’re so curious as to how Tommy factors into this whole Amanda Waller mess.




COLIN DONNELL RETURNS AS TOMMY MERLYN IN A FLASHBACK; MATT WARD GUEST STARS AS SIMON LACROIX, AKA KOMODO — Lance (Paul Blackthorne) calls the Arrow (Stephen Amell) when another archer appears in town and starts skewering businessmen. Diggle (David Ramsey) uses A.R.G.U.S. to find the archer’s identity; he is a man named Simon Lacroix (guest star Matt Ward), who goes by the codename Komodo. However, the team hits a rough patch with the mission and gets help from a surprising source – Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Meanwhile, Oliver begins to worry that he hasn’t heard from Thea (Willa Holland), which forces Roy (Colton Haynes) to tell him the truth about why she left town. Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) pursues Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). In the flashback, Maseo (guest star Karl Yune) tells Oliver that Amanda Waller has ordered his first kill. As Oliver looks down the scope of the rifle, he sees the target is his best friend, Tommy (guest star Colin Donnell). Despite her promise to her sister, Laurel debates sharing a secret about Sara (Caity Lotz) with Lance.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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