‘Arrow’ 3×06 Recap: Unmasking the Truth

Last night’s episode of Arrow addressed two different situations concerning the guilty-or-not-guilty status of two vigilantes — past and present — as Ted Grant’s past as a masked vigilante was revealed and Roy struggled with “repressed memories” of his killing Sara. But did they really do it?

Here’s what went down in “Guilty”:

Ted Grant’s Past Revealed

Not gonna lie, when a murder is committed in your gym and you walk out just as The Arrow is examining the damage, you look pretty damn guilty. That was the battle that Ted Grant faced this episode as he struggled to defend his innocence as he was being framed for murder by a former apprentice. Perhaps one of the coolest things were the scenes between Ted and The Arrow, as Ted came clean about his former stint as a vigilante six years prior. But he never killed anyone, despite the report that Felicity found about a murder case six years ago that fit Ted’s bill. Turns out, it wasn’t Ted that murdered that guy but his apprentice. He was protecting him, but he abandoned him thus the reason for his revenge.

Roy’s Dark Memories

The big question that has loomed large since the last episode was: Did Roy kill Sara? It certainly looked like it. This week, Roy opened up to Felicity about his secret. He’d been having these dreams that felt like more than just dreams but memories. And the one that was the most haunting was that he was the one that killed Sara. Roy showed real character as he came clean not only to Felicity but Oliver, Diggle and Laurel, as well. And he was also going to turn himself in until Oliver stopped him. Oliver used the method that Tatsu in the flashbacks had used to get him to recall the memory that had been tugging at his subconscious. Turns out, Roy was remembering the time he killed those two cops when he was on a Mirakuru high. And the reason he associated it with killing Sara was because both involved death by arrows. See, I knew Roy didn’t kill Sara.

Laurel Grows Closer to Ted Grant

As I predicted, this was the episode that Laurel’s relationship with Ted Grant began to progress. And maybe that’s because the episode was focused a lot on Ted and Laurel is a part of his story now, but it was nice to see. Laurel actually acknowledged what we all know – that she’s not a part of Team Arrow and she has her own journey and intentions. As Ted’s innocence was tested and everyone from The Arrow to the cops against him, it was Laurel that stood by him and defended him. If there’s one thing that Laurel knows it’s that she can see the good in people. Since last episode when she opened up to Ted about her sister being murdered and her wanting to learn to fight in order to avenge Sara, there has been a nice bond that is slowly being formed. Episode 3×06 was the episode that put the gas on the pedal. Since Oliver refuses to train Laurel, who else better than a former vigilante that has made his services available to her?

Katana Helps Oliver in Flashbacks

This week in Hong Kong flashbacks, Oliver received a little help from Maseo’s wife, Tatsu, who has made it perfectly clear her intense dislike of Oliver. When Oliver chases down an informant who is holding an envelope that they need, the envelope is lost – or stashed – along the way, and Maseo turns to Tatsu to help Oliver remember where it went. She lit a candle and walked him through the memory until he saw where the guy had stashed the envelope. This whole thing acted as a perfect mirroring of what Oliver did for Roy in the present. Speaking of which…

Oliver Takes a Stand in His Mentoring Role

Before we realized Roy’s innocence in Sara’s murder, there was a huge part of the episode where Roy and Team Arrow believed it to be true. After Roy comes clean about “killing Sara” because of Mirakuru remnants to Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Laurel, everyone is shocked, and rightfully so. But the most shocking thing for me was Oliver’s reaction. He didn’t freak out or lash out at Roy like you’d expect Oliver to do, he was just trying to make sense of it all. Since the season two finale, Oliver has taken on a mentoring role for our young Roy and feels responsible for him. And just like he did when Roy was all but hopeless while on Mirakuru, Oliver refused to give up on him. Even when Diggle – voice of reason Diggle – explained to Oliver about justice and how there can’t be two sets of rules – for the good guys and the bad guys – Oliver remained firmed in his backing of Roy. Oliver got further proof of it when he saw Ted Grant’s former mentee go after him for abandoning him years ago. But it’s been really great to see the relationship between Oliver and Roy progress and see how much Oliver has matured.

The Boxing Glove Arrow

We really should’ve seen this coming, but then how would we as there’s never been any official confirmation that the boxing glove arrow would make an appearance on Arrow. Earlier in the day, executive producer Marc Guggenheim had tweeted that fans were going to get something they’ve been asking for since the pilot. Well, now it all makes sense. And, damn, was it as cool as we imagined. The concern with the boxing glove arrow was that it wouldn’t look or sound believable. But the way that it was executed was brilliant and believable. It was a quick reflex and using what was around him that made The Arrow shooting that boxing glove arrow believable and f&cking awesome.

Cupid Has Arrived

The hour’s final scene left us with a tease of what’s to come in next week’s episode as Cupid made her debut as the red head took down Ted Grant’s former apprentice as he was being wisked away for murder. For those that didn’t notice, go back and re-watch the episode and you’ll notice a certain someone following The Arrow throughout the episode. So Cupid knew that this apprentice guy had tried to kill The Arrow. Sounds like our obsessed stalker isn’t messing around when it comes to his safety. “I’m Cupid, stupid.” Oh, man, next week is going to be soooo good.


Episode 3×07 “Draw Back Your Bow”

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