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#Arrow 3×11 Trailer Breakdown: Justice Is The New Black

#Arrow 3×11 Trailer Breakdown: Justice Is The New Black

“Your concern should be your home, and what has become of it in your absence.”

In the trailer for next Wednesday’s all-new episode of Arrow, Starling City once again finds itself victimized by Danny “Brick” Brickwell as he returns on a rampage not seen since Al Capone.

And Starling City is going to need Team Arrow’s help, along with a new ally: the Black Canary, to bring a stop to Brick’s crime spree.

Meanwhile, Oliver is alive and seemingly well (as far as we know) in the company of Maseo and Tatsu, who helped bring him back the dead. So what becomes of Oliver now? What’s his next move?

Here are three things from the trailer that have us buzzing:

1. How does Laurel fare out in the field as Black Canary?

While we got a tease of Laurel sporting that Black Canary costume in last week’s midseason premiere, Laurel is featured more prominently in “Midnight City” as she dons the costume and tries to save the city in Oliver’s absence. But we know that a costume doesn’t make you a hero. So how does Laurel fare out in the field, especially going up against a baddie like Brick?

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2. What does Brick’s return mean for Team Arrow?

Team Arrow had thought that Brick had done his worst as he freed all of the criminals that they had locked up over the past eight months. But when Brick returns with his so-called army to take over the Glades, you’ve got to wonder if this is what Team Arrow needed to help unite them amidst the tragedy of Oliver’s death? (We all know Felicity isn’t really done with Team Arrow).

3. What is Oliver’s next move?

I feel like the reporter from the Arrow pilot when I say this, but Oliver Queen is alive. While we don’t know the ramifications of his supposed resurrection (the details of which weren’t delved upon), we have to wonder what Oliver plans to do now that he’s, you know, not dead. Is his immediate instinct to return home to his team in Starling City? Or does he have to remain covert for the time being?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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