#Arrow 3×13 Trailer Breakdown: Will the Real Canary Please Stand Up?

“Hi, sis.”

In the trailer for next Wednesday’s all-new episode of Arrow, the Canary returns as Vertigo is once again on the loose and doses Laurel with a lethal dose of Vertigo, which prompts her to hallucinate Sara kicking her ass.

Meanwhile, Oliver isn’t too happy that Laurel is now suiting up as Black Canary. And is that Oliver…no, it couldn’t possibly be…Is he really…? Watch below to see if you catch it (or read on below!)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here’s how we’ll be feeling after the episode according to Stephen Amell:

Let’s do this!


Here are three things from the trailer that have us buzzing:

1. Sara Lance is back!

Well, sort of. But I digress, that sound you hear? That’s me screaming with joy that my baby girl Sara has returned. Now before you get too excited this isn’t the Lazarus Pit at work rather the drug Vertigo, which makes a person injected hallucinate their biggest fear. Laurel is injected with the drug and hallucinates Sara. And holy crap if I’m not freaking out with how amazing this is going to be. Really any excuse to have Caity Lotz back on my screen. (I’m still holding out for that Lazarus Pit btw)

2. Vertigo Returns

One of the great things about Arrow is that they tend to not kill their villains too often so that it leaves the door open for their return. Case in point Werner Zytle aka Vertigo, who is now a free man and back in the Vertigo business. Well, at least that this familiar for Oliver, who makes his official return to the field in this episode as he battles the villain that enforced this identity crisis that will plague Oliver for the remainder of the season — and the asshole that ruined Oliver and Felicity’s date.

3. Is Oliver Finally Going to Tell Thea His Secret?

If you’ve seen the Canadian promo for this episode — and spotted a brief one-second shot in this trailer — it looks like Oliver is (FINALLY) going to come clean to Thea about his secret…that he is The Arrow. If you ask me it’s a long time coming, because honestly everyone and their sister (except Lance, who openly denies but deep down I’m convinced he knows) knows that Oliver is the Arrow now. It’s about time people stop lying to Thea. And this opens the door to so many amazing storylines it’s ridiculous (and by ridiculous I mean fabulous).

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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