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‘Arrow’ 5×20 Roundtable: ‘Underneath’

‘Arrow’ 5×20 Roundtable: ‘Underneath’

There wasn’t an episode of Arrow more anticipated this season than “Underneath,” which focused on matters of trust between Olicity and Dyla. It was an episode that was incredibly hyped. And it was an episode that did not disappoint.

Our Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, Nora, and Charles are breaking down the latest episode of Arrow, which has us loving Arrow‘s focus on Oliver & Felicity and Diggle & Lyla, as well as a good team dynamic that adds depth to the show.

Describe your thoughts about “Underneath” using just six words.

Alyssa: Capitalizing on what makes Arrow successful!

Lizzie: Olicity saves the day, once again.

Nora: Remembering what makes Arrow the best.

Sarah: Thank you Lord for Oliver & Felicity.

Charles: More heart, more promise, great episode.

Describe your feelings about “Underneath” using a gif.






“Underneath” seemed to have it all: a great storyline, amazing character moments, good team moments, thrills, humor, and Olicity & Dyla. Why was this episode one of the best this season? Why did you enjoy it?

Alyssa: It was easily the best episode this season because of all of those elements. I feel like “Underneath” was like this breath of fresh air in a season that has felt suffocating at times. It was an episode that wasn’t particularly complex, but that was part of the reason why this hour was so impactful. It managed to deliver the suspense and thrills while also balancing it with humor that we haven’t seen since season 4A, which proves that it is possible to be dark and gritty and still have some humor sprinkled in. Even Team Arrow above ground was at its best. Everyone served a purpose, they had a great rapport. Not to mention you incorporate Olicity and Dyla into this episode as the fundamental focus of trust, which was executed beautifully.

While Arrow is a show about a superhero’s origin story, it’s shown over the years, much like all of the other superhero shows, that it’s at its best when it’s focusing on the characters and their emotional connection to the story. I’m all for amazing stunt sequences and the works (cause damn they’re good), but I’m someone who watches these shows for that emotional connection. If I don’t care about these characters I’m not going to care about the action aspect. No one wants to watch a superhero show where there’s an empty emotional aspect. We’re watching because we care. If you take that away, what are you left with?

Lizzie: I think I loved it because it felt like I finally knew these people, that they weren’t clones or the characters I’d loved with none of their memories. It wasn’t just Oliver and Felicity having a lot of scenes together – though the chemistry is undeniable and they show is always better when they’re on screen together – it was them acting like they were, in the not so distant future, a couple, and they cared about each other. It was Diggle acting like he cared about them. It was Lyla and Diggle working through their issues. It was the team banding together to help Oliver and Felicity.

I don’t watch this show – I’ll say it again and again – because of the action sequences. And though this episode had some great ones, what I’ll remember most is the character moments. The chemistry, the love, the friendship, the sense of family. That’s what made me fall in love with this show and what I’ve been waiting for all season long.

Nora: All those elements listed culminated into such an amazing episode for Arrow. There’s strongest assets are Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell, when they work together. You could love or hate Olicity, but that’s the truth. Even just as friends, the two of them bring so much to the table character wise. At the beginning of season five, we were missing genuine character moments from characters we love. OTA was pushed to the sidelines for new characters and it wasn’t working. Also, placing Felicity and Oliver as far away from each other as possible was another problem. This episode has everything a classic Arrow episode had. There was suspense, beautiful character moments, relevant flashbacks, Team Arrow working together and epic stunts. Those are all the elements that have been shown in part over the season, but not enough.

I loved this episode for the character moments. Every single character had a job to do to save Felicity and Oliver and that’s what I loved. While the stunts are amazing, I loved the quieter moments. When Diggle talked to Lyla, when Oliver talked to Felicity, when Dinah talked to Diggle. All of these moments were super important and made me feel for the characters. As much I love the grand stunts Arrow pulls together, I watch this show for characters, so this “bottle episode” was perfect for me!! This episode was definitely one of the best this season.

Sarah: This is the Arrow I’ve been missing and was so happy to see again. All of these elements played into every aspect of this episode of why it was amazing, but at the end of the day I honestly just felt like I was watching my favorite characters acting like themselves again. Arrow has to say the least not been my favorite to watch the past season and while it may have taken them a while it finally felt like they learned to swing back round to what made it so good in the first place. The characters are what I am here for so if I get to see Lyla and Diggle work out morally gray struggles, Oliver & Felicity fight to survive and talk things out at the same time I’m good with that! This show doesn’t need constant fancy actions scenes (as much as I appreciate them and I dearly loved Olive refusing to let Felicity go talk about heart eyes from sheer strength) so much as consistent character development and that’s what been sorely missed for most of season 6. So to see it again, done properly was a gift so if you don’t mind can you keep giving it?

Charles: I think this episode worked because it focused on the things that when done right make it really great. When Arrow focuses on its characters and builds them and moves them forward instead of back, then it is as good as any comic book show. Action scenes are great but if we aren’t caring about the characters and the situation they are in, then it is almost meaningless. Here, Oliver and Felicity are focusing on their relationship as they are also fighting to survive. This + some excellent flashbacks for a change focusing on Olicity helped spotlight all the things that make Arrow awesome.

The theme of “Underneath” was all about trust in relationships as we saw with both Oliver & Felicity as well as Diggle & Lyla. How do you think this episode did in showcasing that?

Alyssa: I love when Arrow slows things down and takes a moment to focus on the characters. Because it’s pure magic. It’s also when the show is at its best. Using Olicity and Dyla as the focal points in an episode that was all about trust was brilliant in concept and brilliant in execution. They were two different couples with the fundamental shared issue of trust, but with two different situations both of which were highlighted in an emotionally-charged hour. This was an episode that needed to happen for both Olicity and Dyla, especially Olicity, who have been avoiding this big conversation for nearly a year. Both Olicity and Dyla came to a mutual understanding in their personal trust issues while providing some really thought-provoking moments that showed instead of told us the root of their issues and the resolution.

Lizzie: It did such a good job that I just get mad once again – yes, I’m having trouble letting go of my anger, bear with me a minute – because it means they could have done this before, they just chose not to. The show can focus on interpersonal relationships, do stunts, involve the team AND thrive. It’s possible. It’s not even that hard. So why did we have to wait till now?

Okay, frustration aside, the parallels worked beautifully in this episode, especially because the show allowed Lyla the chance to spill all the truth tea re: her relationship with Diggle in comparison to his relationship with Oliver, and same thing with Felicity and the Olicity relationship. This episode also put the burden of these characters problems exactly where it should have placed it from the beginning – trust, and it took some very clear steps towards rebuilding that.

Nora: Like I said before, this episode thrived because of the slower moments. The moments when our characters actually have conversations with each other. Despite all the chaos happening around them, Diggle and Lyla and Oliver and Felicity still found time to talk. That’s what I liked about the episode. Both Olicity and Dyla were two couples that were fracturing because of a lack of trust. It’s the reason Olicity broke up and it’s a point of contention in Dyla’s marriage right now. This episode needed to happen because Olicity needed to talk about their trust issues. I almost wish this episode even came earlier in the year, so we could understand where they were coming from earlier in the season. I think both couples came to a great understanding regarding the level of trust they have in each other. I think Olicity and Dyla are stronger and can move forward now that Arrow took the time to have this conversation!

Sarah: It was wonderful to see, but it brings up the question of why did it take them so long to address these character issues they basically dropped for most of the season? That frustration aside it was good to know they still had the know how to make room for relationship growth aka just TALKING intertwined with classic Arrow nail biting action. The best parts of the hours was when they took the time to let Oliver & Felicity discuss, argue and just speak about what happened when their relationship ended. That Lyla and Dig worked to figure out how to start reconciling their morally gray jobs between Argus and his work with Oliver. The issue of trust was an important one and the way they addressed was some of the best writing I’ve seen in awhile and they did a good job by slowing it down to hone in on the main characters (sorry newbies.)  it was the most engaged I’ve been in an Arrow episode all season and I’m hoping this wasn’t a one off in quality character development since lord this show could use a good streak for the last few episodes of the season.

Charles: As Alyssa said, the episode did a good job of showing us those moments in the relationships of Oliver/Felicity and Diggle/Lyla. We got to see both have talks that were very sorely needed. These moments continued to highlight how much trust was needed in both relationships as one was fighting to save their lives as the other was fighting to save their marriage. Both got to have the time needed in this episode to fully explore the trust problem in their relationships and what the future of those could be. I think Olicity is stronger now thanks to this and possibly Dyla too.

What were your thoughts on Oliver & Felicity in this episode using a gif?






Oliver and Felicity were finally forced to confront their trust issues. What were your thoughts on how Oliver and Felicity came to a better understanding of each other?

Alyssa: This is something that has been too long coming to the point where it was infuriating. But let’s focus on the present because it finally freaking happened. This was a conversation that Oliver and Felicity needed to have if they were ever going to move forward. It’s been the elephant in the room and their relationship for over a year. They’d been avoiding “the conversation” even, as we saw in the flashbacks, when they were amicable. You can only suppress emotions for so long before they bubble to the surface.

There’s been a lot made of who’s right and who’s wrong in this breakup. While I certainly have my opinion about that, this episode wasn’t about right and wrong. It was about coming to an understanding. Oliver and Felicity had to trust each other both in their escape from the bunker, as well as their honest conversations where they let their grievances air. As Felicity said in the flashbacks, she didn’t know why Oliver didn’t trust people; that perhaps she’d be able to understand if she did. And she finally did. Oliver was also forced to confront his own personal demons that rested with this paralyzingly fear that he ruins everyone’s lives that he touches. He had to come to an understanding about why Felicity made the choices that she made and why she was left feeling like he didn’t back her play. This conversation needed to happen for Olicity to be reunited. Now, the door is open.

Lizzie: To say this has been a long time coming is to undersell the point. This should have happened 10 episode ago. 20. At the end of last season. The levels to which this show took this drama is exactly what they probably thought they were running away from. Drama for the sake of drama is what drives people away – not regular relationship drama that’s real and relatable.

Do I like where this episode left Oliver and Felicity? Yes and no. I like it because it allows them to work on rebuilding the trust and I like that, in a way that we haven’t seen before, it puts them as equals. What I don’t like is that the show felt necessary for Felicity not once, but twice, for doing what she needed, for putting herself first. There’s a big difference between saying – I didn’t truly get you Oliver, and I know I made the right decision for me, but now I get you better and I’d like us to try a different way and saying It’s my fault I didn’t understand. No, it’s not her fault she didn’t understand. Oliver had never truly explained – and yes, some things you can never understand till you live them, but it’s not like Oliver truly tried to make her things see from his POV.

So – it looks good. I have hope for the future. But, as always, the path Arrow took to get me where I am today is kinda …sucky.

Nora: I have been waiting for this episode since season five began. I think this episode came a little late in the season, but nevertheless, I’m glad we finally got it. Felicity and Oliver needed to learn how to communicate and they needed to have this hard conversation in order to move forward. They’ve been avoiding it for so long, it was time they talked about all the emotions towards each other they were suppressing. Oliver and Felicity had to finally talk about what each of them were feeling in order to move forward. Like Alyssa said, it isn’t about who was right or who was wrong, it was about letting all of their feelings out and figuring out how to move forward. I’m glad they finally came to an understanding with each other when Felicity was able to step inside Oliver’s shoes and realize why he has problems trusting people.

It has taken a lot for him to open up to Felicity the way that he has and I think this episode showed that. Seeing Oliver crying on the ground telling Felicity he may enjoy killing people was a massive step for him. We know his greatest fear is that he will hurt the people he gets closest to, so for him to share that with Felicity was crucial. I think both Felicity and Oliver are in a much better place in terms of trust and understanding after this last episode. These conversations needed to happen in order for them to move forward and possibly venture down the relationship road again.

Sarah: Better late than never is what I thought. This show has done a serious disservice to what used to be one of the best stories of character development individually and together for Oliver & Felicity aka Olicity. Watching them forced together to survive brought up the problems and lingering feelings they’ve been ignoring and bringing them to light could not have been more satisfying. Oliver’s experience with Chase put him down a rabbit hole he thought he couldn’t come back from and as much as I’m sure it scared him opening to what Chase made him believe about himself was the best choice he could have made. It allowed Felicity to see why trust is deeply difficult for him even with the people he loves while Oliver began to understand how Felicity stopped believing Oliver had her back when it came out how deep she got in with Helix. Is it perfect, no but it’s a good step in the right direction and I’m hopeful they’ll keep going in that direction and not twenty steps backward.

Charles: Well it was about damn time! Seriously this was a long time coming and much needed. This show is way better when Oliver and Felicity are united together and not just as a team on the field but emotionally as well. For the trust issues, Felicity felt like Oliver never trusts her or her decisions. I think that’s true to a point but also I believe what Oliver said was true as well to a point. He never wanted his darkness to corrupt her. Their understanding of each other is now strengthened thanks to this episode and what has happened. Oliver now knows that Felicity just wants to feel like her trust in him is returned back by Oliver. As for Felicity, she now has better understanding as to why Oliver does the things he did as her adventure with Helix has shown her.

What were your thoughts on that Oliver and Felicity salmon ladder/sex scene using a gif.






This episode presented Oliver and Felicity’s issues of trust during the flashbacks and the present. What were your thoughts on that parallel and how they complemented each other?

Alyssa: This was the best use of flashbacks that I’ve seen on Arrow in several seasons because the flashbacks actually served as a direct parallel to the present. In making the flashbacks Olicity-centered, it set the stage for the overall arc of the episode. We saw almost immediately that this was going to be about Oliver and Felicity’s relationship and the implications of this lack of trust. In the flashbacks, we saw that there was an easiness to their relationship as it was all about being a team. But we all saw, following their intimate moment together, that things hadn’t changed. Yes, they were gelling. Yes, they were flirting. Yes, they had sex. Yes, they still loved each other. But they still didn’t have that conversation that they needed to have to move forward. We later learned that Felicity wasn’t ready to have it yet, which paralleled the present nicely as their entrapment forced them to have that conversation.

So while the past depicted Olicity as a pair that weren’t ready to be together just yet, the present opened the door for their reunion as we wind down the season. Oliver and Felicity aired their grievances and got a better understanding of each other. So all of a sudden Felicity’s “I’m not ready” became “I’m ready” as she basically opened the door for Oliver once he gets an understanding of the person that he is. In the past, the door was nearly closed. But in the present, the door is wide open.

Lizzie: We’re all in agreement here, the flashbacks finally served a purpose, just when they’re, presumably, about to end (Hallelujah). I don’t think they served the purpose the writers wanted – they didn’t really explain why Oliver and Felicity were complete strangers at the end of the season, but they did serve to showcase two different points in their relationship, so in that regard, they worked. They also, in a way, made it clear that Olicity’s journey is far from over. This is the ship. There’s nowhere else to go for this show. You either sink with Olicity or you abandon ship. There are no other options here.

Nora: I have to agree with Alyssa. This was the best use of flashbacks in a very long time, especially this season. It paralleled present day beautifully and provided us necessary information to better understand the present day timeline as well. The Olicity centered flashbacks really brought into perspective the entirety of season five and this episode. We understood why they have been so distant with each other and we have a better grasp at why this conversation they’re having is so important. Seeing them having sex and being flirtatious and intimate only for that to all come crashing down because of a lack of trust was brutal to watch, but also made present day all the more powerful. Watching these moments between Olicity play out simultaneous made this episode one of  Arrow’s strongest. While the door closed on their relationship in flashbacks, it creaked open in present day. That’s what I loved about this episode. We got to see Olicity ending a chapter in their relationship, only to possible start a new one in present day.

Sarah: This was the first time in at least a couple seasons I was actually interested in the flashbacks and for that alone the consensus is clear they truly complemented what was happening in the present. Oliver and Felicity in the past weren’t ready to address the deep rooted trust issues that caused their split. I say that in spite of their their clearly obvious still there feelings hanging about that resulted in some very nice sexytimes. In the present even in extremely stressful circumstances what they’ve gone through have taken them to the point where they were finally able to air out what they couldn’t in the flashbacks. Whatever happens next one thing is clear, Olicity took a step forward and they are clearly not down and out yet (figuratively speaking.)

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Charles: I loved the flashbacks for the episode, mostly because the focus was on Olicity. It was a perfect parallel to what was happening in the present. In the flashbacks, we got a Olicity that was loving, flirty and downright humping like bunny rabbits at one point. But then the issue of trust reared it’s head again and Felicity and Oliver didn’t have the conversation they needed over their break-up (which Oliver caused, don’t forget that)

In the present though, we got that conversation– or at least the beginnings of one. The explosion at the bunker forced them to finally confront their issues with each other and it was so long in coming. I wish Oliver had done more groveling but after a season of basically nothing , this felt like a positive step in the right direction for a reconcilation. Now the ball is in their court and once Oliver and Felicity talk some more, with Oliver apologizing a little more I think, the road to being a couple again will be a lot smoother.

What were your thoughts on Diggle & Lyla in this episode using a gif?






Diggle and Lyla had some trust issues to solve. What were your thoughts on Diggle and Lyla coming to an understanding about the lengths they go to for justice and looking at things from each other’s perspective?

Alyssa: This was a storyline that I was both intrigued and terrified by. We haven’t gotten to see Diggle and Lyla interact in their relationship on this show as often as I would’ve liked. But I enjoyed getting to see these two tackle an issue that appears to have been their downfall the first time around in their relationship.  Like Olicity, this was all about trust and coming to an understanding — being able to back your partner even when you don’t always agree. It was also about hypocrisy. The issue for Diggle was that he didn’t agree with how Lyla and ARGUS were dealing with fighting justice — holding a man without due process to prevent him from doing something he hasn’t done yet. So Diggle felt like this job as head of ARGUS had changed Lyla into someone he didn’t recognize. He criticized ARGUS’ techniques when it came to dealing justice.

But what about Team Arrow? Hadn’t Team Arrow been doing the same thing for years? What made Team Arrow any different from ARGUS? What made Oliver Queen different than Lyla? Lyla was dishing out some serious truth tea tha illustrated that it’s all a matter of perspective. That you have to be open to seeing things for as they are. Once Diggle did that, he recognized his hypocrisy in the situation. But Lyla also learned that she should be more upfront with her husband, which prompted her to start revealing things that she could. I loved this development for Dyla as it showed that good communication is the foundation for a successful relationship.

Lizzie: I was terrified they were going to use this as an excuse to break up Dyla, because …isn’t that what Arrow writers do? But, in the end, they used it as an excuse for Lyla to confront Diggle with some very harsh truths and for Lyla to attempt to see things from John’s point of view and maybe even strengthened the marriage because of it. Who knew? That’s actually something Arrow can do!

But then again, Dyla has always been an example of something the show has done right, and I’m glad they continued in that vein in this episode. Yes, these two have had communication issues, but they’re both trying, they’re willing to meet in the middle, and, most importantly, they’re not keeping secrets anymore. That’s what we wanted to see.

Nora: I was excited to explore this storyline with Diggle and Lyla. I’ve really missed having Diggle and Lyla in episodes together, so it was a welcomed change. I was nervous they were going to break up Dyla, which I would NOT have liked at all. Instead of Arrow going the route of breaking up the steady couple, they actually had a constructive conversation with each other. While it was hard to see them fighting, I’m glad they aired their grievances instead of bottling them up like we saw with Felicity and Oliver. One thing I was confused about was why Diggle was upset about Lyla hiding secrets about ARGUS and why this was a breaking point. Diggle has hidden and done things that are questionable with Team Arrow and hidden his share of secrets from Lyla, so I was confused why he couldn’t understand Lyla’s side of things? Once Diggle realized Lyla’s side of things and Lyla was able to open up more to Diggle, that’s when they really started to understand each other and that’s why I think Dyla will make it! They were able to have the hard conversation and become stronger. I like they could meet in the middle and figure out this bump in the road. I’m excited for where Dyla will end up!

Sarah: I’ll admit I was scared this would lead Diggle and Lyla down a path to separation, but thankfully Arrow had the sense to take the road of hard to watch good writing for them. I hated seeing them fight like that considering how much danger they’ve both been in from their respective positions but it felt strange it came to a boiling point now. Was it just because they decided everyone’s emotional grievances needed to come to light, because that’s how it seemed to me no matter how appreciative I am that they got the chance to talk about their own trust issues. Diggle and Lyla secret’s were beginning to interfere in ways that truly interrupted their relationship and while it might have been scary in the moment they came out the other side stronger for it. Here’s to Dyla!!

Charles: Dyla’s storyline was at times tough to see just because it hurt to see them fighting so hard. As the episode went, it didn’t look like it was going to be mended but Lyla’s gesture helped smooth things out between the two. For now. Something tells me though that this might not be it though as far as lack of trust. As Olicity moved forward in their trust issues slightly, Dyla has some of their own to deal with. Remember that this isn’t the first time they have been a couple so that has to weigh on their minds too. Finally, writers always love to have unnecessary relationship drama and I could see them moving it over from Olicity to Diggle and Lyla.

Let’s talk about that final scene where Felicity apologized to Oliver for her reaction to William. Obviously it’s a scene that’s caused a fair share of controversy. Why did you like it and also why did you hate it?

Alyssa: I liked that it was a conversation that Oliver and Felicity needed to have if they were to move forward. The intention was there. This was the moment where they took everything that had happened between the two of them when stuck in the bunker and put it into action. They had to have that talk they’d been putting off. The talk that was going to bring them to a better understanding. Even if Felicity didn’t like that Oliver kept William a secret from her, she finally understood why he did it. It doesn’t make it right. But this isn’t about right and wrong. It’s about coming to a mutual understanding, which is exactly what happened.

I didn’t like how Arrow essentially made Felicity apologize twice for something she never needed to apologize for. As far as I’m concerned, they made her apologize so as to not make them look bad. Felicity was justified in her feelings and her reaction. I also didn’t like that Felicity called herself a hypocrite because she’s not. Going to extremes when the situation calls for it isn’t being a hypocrite. Oliver is the hypocrite. I just didn’t like that Felicity was apologizing for things that she didn’t need to because it allowed the haters to come in and feel justified. This isn’t about them. It’s about Felicity and what was right for her.

Lizzie: I didn’t like it, so I’m not going to say I did. I understand what they were going for, I just think the miscalculated, badly. Yes, honestly was needed. Yes, a level of understanding from Felicity about why Oliver lied was a good thing. BUT, that doesn’t mean Felicity needed to apologize for putting herself first or for demanding honesty from the man she was hoping to spend her life with. It sends a bad message. No, Arrow, the blame when a relationship goes bad is not all on the women. Did Oliver apologize twice for lying? Oh, wait …not, he didn’t. Because he’s Oliver. *rolls eyes*

Nora: I was not a fan of the full on apology Felicity gave Oliver. It felt like another moment where Felicity had to put her needs aside to appease Oliver, yet again. This was just another time when Felicity is put on the backburner as a character in order to make Oliver feel better about his choices. I understood Felicity has a better understanding of what Oliver has gone through and I’m glad they aren’t lying together, but Felicity didn’t need to apologize for asking Oliver to trust her opinions and be honest with her. That’s the part I wasn’t happy with. Felicity was totally justified in what she was feeling, if I was in that situation, I would’ve reacted the same way. So, I was upset that Felicity basically had to be the bigger person because Arrow couldn’t bruise Oliver’s ego once again. I would’ve loved an Oliver apology back to Felicity, but of course we couldn’t get that. I love Olicity, but this was about Felicity as a character and what I wanted for her.

Sarah: I understood the intent behind the apology but it would have come off better without the unnecessary actual apology. Felicity may have made mistakes she would feel compelled to apologize for but I don’t think being a hypocrite is one of them. That’s Oliver’s schtick and has happened more than once over the years. I still stand by this, she had every right to walk away from their relationship. That’s even if she wasn’t being as understanding about Oliver’s point of view as she is now. I’m hoping Oliver will come around and apologize to her as well on the matter, but that’s probably a pipe dream on this show. On the positive side it was wonderful to see them opening up to each other in a way we haven’t seen all season and healing the wounds left behind from what happened with William. Whether that’ll lead somewhere is something we can all hope for, but for that conversation alone it feels like hope was given back in a way just through a conversation.

Charles: I liked that they were more open to each other and that signs point toward them getting together again as a couple. It was heartfelt and as always Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards brought their A games. It might have felt too much like a Felicity inspiring Oliver again speech but I don’t mind that trope too much as long as Oliver does it soon for her too.

My problems with the scene was the wording of some things. I didn’t like Felicity calling herself a “hypocrite”. Not at all. She hasn’t done anything hypocritical in this situation at all. If anyone has been a hypocrite, it was Oliver. After all, he brought in BRATVA to deal with Adrian and then one episode later tells Felicity not to use Helix to go after Chase. Sure he was doing it to help her but a argument can be made that it makes him look like a hypocrite there.

We all knew that Prometheus was going to go after William, as we saw in the final scene of this episode. What are your thoughts on this William kidnapping storyline?

Alyssa: I feel like I should care a lot more than I do. Because that’s obviously the intent. But I’m not a big William fan nor am I thrilled about what could happen with William by season’s end. Then again we all knew Adrian was going to go after William. He’s gone after everyone else in Oliver’s life, why wouldn’t he go after his son? Come on, guys. Put those thinking caps on. I think it’ll make for an interesting emotional storyline with Oliver, but I feel like William exists merely to serve as bait for villains against Oliver. That and comic book canon.

Lizzie: I’m sorry, I fell asleep at the mention of William. What was that again? Oh, yes. Oliver’s kid. I don’t care one bit.

Nora: That cliffhanger was not a cliffhanger because I don’t really care about William. I’m sure he’s a great kid, but again I think the storyline was created for the sake of creating drama for Olicity and it was not thought out at all. It makes no sense and no offense, I don’t understand why Oliver consistently puts William before Felicity. The kidnapping storyline, once again, just feels like an excuse to add more drama. I think it will be emotional for Oliver, especially if William doesn’t make it out alive.

Sarah: If William was someone I gave a damn about, I might have panicked but all I could think was “really?” I don’t think for one second he’s going to end up dying or in danger Oliver can’t rescue him from (as Arrow’s dark but I don’t think it’s that dark) so I’m not sure what the point was. Prometheus kidnapping him just serves as a way to force his character back into the story in a way we never wanted so no offense I’m just not a fan and I doubt I ever will be.

Charles: I don’t have very many good things to say about Willy.I have never been a fan of this William storyline from the beginning and now he just going to get Oliver into more trouble rescuing him. I hope Prommy leaves Willy at the bottom of a well and we all just forget about him.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. Stay tuned for another Arrow roundtable next Wednesday.

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