#Arrow PaleyFest Sizzle Reel Highlights: Revelations, Sparks and a Prophecy

“You’ve made us criminals, liars and victims. You, Mr. Queen, are not a hero. You’re a villain.” HOLY $HIT.

In this new sizzle reel that debuted at PaleyFest on Saturday, we get a look ahead at the next few episodes of Arrow (which returns tomorrow), which includes a hell of a lot of “OH MY GOD. Did they just — THEY DID” moments.

From the looks of the trailer, Oliver’s secret identity as the Arrow will be learned by two more characters, an old couple will re-ignite a spark again and a certain prophecy lingers that will have lasting repercussions dependent upon a certain decision.

Get ready…

Here are 11 (OH MY GOD) highlights from the sizzle reel:

1. Detective Lance Learns the Truth About Oliver (and Infiltrates the Foundry)

“I’ve got you now you son of a bitch.” — OH MY GODDDDD. This was by far the most shocking part of the trailer, as it seems like Oliver is going

2. The Prophecy

Apparently there is a prophecy that the man who does not die by the sword of Ra’s al Ghul will become the next Ra’s al Ghul. Soooo…that offer isn’t really an offer, eh?

3. Ray Discovers the Truth About Oliver

“Oliver Queen is…The Arrow.” Why does Ray have it out for The Arrow so bad? But the most hilarious line ever comes after Felicity asks Ray what he’s going to do… “I’m going to stop him.” HA HAHA HA.

4. Felicity is Attacked by a Metahuman…in Starling City

If anything happens to Felicity so help me God…but come on, we know they’d never do anything to her that couldn’t be undone. But WHERE IS OLIVER TO SAVE HER?

5. The Suicide Squad Rides Again

The Suicide Squad is baaaack. God, I’ve missed them. Diggle and Lyla have teamed up again with the Suicide Squad, including returning member Deadshot and new member Cupid. And this looks like it’s going to hella entertaining.

6. Roy and Thea Lock Lips

Could it be that former lovers turned friends are re-igniting their romantic relationship? Please say, yes! Well, video doesn’t lie, right?

7. Ra’s al Ghul and…Detective Lance?

“You hunt the man they call the Arrow.” Uh oh, that’s not good. I swear to God, it’s Ra’s that tells Lance that Oliver is The Arrow. Ra’s needs Oliver to be destroyed in Starling City so he’s forced to Nanda Parbat to accept his offer.

8. Oliver Fights the Arrow

Oliver is fighting another version of himself in an upcoming episode, as someone is dressed as The Arrow. Poor guy has too many fans (or haters). But what’s up with this?!

9. Nyssa Attacks Her Father

Please don’t let anything happen to Nyssa. Because let’s face it, if Nyssa was trying to kill Ra’s, his reaction probably won’t be a good one…or will it? But I swear to God Nyssa better not die. Enough women have died on this show. Please, no more.

10. The Return of…Shado?

Just…how is this even possible? Shado is ALIVE in the flashbacks?! That’s got to be a hallucination or she has a twin out there.

11. Shirtless Oliver Has Returned

Bless you, writers. Bless you. It’s been far too long since we’ve gotten a shirtless Oliver scene (that didn’t involve him falling off a mountain to his near-death).

Arrow returns Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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