‘Arrow’ SDCC Interview: Katie Cassidy Rodgers reflects on emotional, live-saving journey

For Katie Cassidy Rodgers, her final appearance as part of Arrow was an emotional one. After all, she was there for the very first one — all those years ago — before there was an Arrowverse. And watching it grow into the force that it’s become — and all of the wonderful people she’s met — there was no question as to how impactful it’s been for her.

Reflecting on co-star Stephen Amell’s dedication to this series over the past eight years, Cassidy Rodgers couldn’t help but gush over the role he played in reviving the superhero genre on television.

“I’m really proud of him,” she told us at Comic-Con. “I’m proud that he sort of blossomed this whole thing and launched this whole Arrowverse. It’s incredible.”

Cassidy got emotional when asked about her journey on Arrow over the past eight seasons, which included the launch of a new superhero show to the gut wrenching moment she was killed off to her triumphant return. It was a whirlwind of emotions, but it was also a journey that she’s thankful for.

“I’m forever grateful,” she said. “When I got this show, I was not in the greatest spot, necessarily, in my personal life. And this show — not to be too dramatic — saved me in a way. I went to Vancouver and I built a life there, made friends there and family.”

Watch our interview with Katie Cassidy Rodgers below, where she reflects on her emotional journey with Arrow.

Arrow returns for its final season on Oct. 15 on The CW.

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