‘Arrow’ SDCC Interview: Rick Gonzalez wants to see Rene fall in love

With Arrow coming to an end after this season, Rick Gonzalez reflected on joining the show that forever changed the superhero landscape on television.

“I came in season 5 — I came in at the halfway point,” Gonzalez told us at Comic-Con. “I’m just grateful I was able to be a part of a show that accepted me and was gracious enough to let me come in and do my thing.”

Over the last three seasons, we’ve gotten to see Rene grow as a father, as well as a hero. So what else would Gonzalez like to see for Rene before show’s end?

“I would hope that he falls in love,” Gonzalez said. “But, alas, we see in the future he’s not married. That’s one thing I would have liked to see for Rene — to see that side of him.”

But is the future we’ve come to see in the flash forwards set in stone?

“I think it could change,” he said.

So, maybe we could see Rene fall in love after all?

Watch our interview with Rick Gonzalez, where he previews the final season.

Arrow returns for its final season Oct. 15 on The CW.

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