‘Arrow’ Season Finale Recap: ‘Unthinkable’

I have never experienced such an array of emotions during and after a television show before than I did during and after the Arrow season two finale. I feel emotionally compromised. And you’re to blame, Arrow writers. But damn, did Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards really destroy me, as well.

In the finale, “Unthinkable,” we pick up immediately following last week’s episode when the Mirakuru soldiers find Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Roy in the clock tower. After they escape, Sara brings Nyssa al Ghul and the League of Assassins to Team Arrow’s disposal so that they can take down Slade and his Mirakuru army. Things soon become personal when Slade has his men take two of the women that Oliver cares about. Then the final battle breaks out. And also in there is a slew of “I love yous” said by a few couples, including one that surely left the audience stunned. I’m sure you can figure out which one that was. *wink*

Like I mentioned before, my emotions were on high alert throughout the episode. Don’t even get me started on my Olicity feelings (which I go into immense detail below). I may or may not have died momentarily during the “I love you” scene and again when we learned it was a ruse and then finally on the island when we could clearly see that these two idiots are so in love they’re in denial and we all but got confirmation that Oliver and Felicity’s relationship will be explored more next season.

This season finale didn’t have any shocking and gut wrenching deaths like like season (still not done crying about Tommy, y’all), but it did have a lot of emotion that really resonated with the audience. And action. Holy action. From the fight at Queen Consolidated to the throw down in the tunnel to the final battle between Oliver and Slade (right alongside the flashback battle). Serious props, as always, to the stunt team. Every episode is like a movie. There is no one better in the business.

The acting all-around was superb. Aside from Amell and Rickards, who killed it and get my award for best acting, Manu Bennett once again killed in his portrayal as Slade. It was a nice sendoff for the character…until at least season four. Come on, we know he’s coming back. John Barrowman is always fabulous, but for me the real surprise was Willa Holland. She’s been so incredible in these last few episodes, and I couldn’t be more excited about her character arc for next season. Also, excellent acting from Colton Haynes, Caity Lotz, Paul Blackthorne, Katie Cassidy and Katrina Law.

There was so much that I loved and (some stuff I hated) about this episode, including that Olicity scene (it’s not cool to mess with the fandom, writers), so I’ve decided to break down my Top 10 Moments from “Unthinkable.” Fair warning: my top two moments are, what else, Olicity related.


1. Oliver tells Felicity: “I love you.”


Credit: nataliedormier

While this may have been a fake-out for Slade (at least admitted out loud by Oliver and Felicity), this was in fact a very real moment. And you can’t convince me otherwise. Oliver Queen has always been a horrible liar, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. His eyes don’t lie. The emotion is there.

Oliver could have stopped at “So, he took the wrong woman.” That’s all he needed to say. But he went ahead with the “I love you” because he didn’t know if he’d see her again after this whole set-up to attract Slade. He might never get to tell her how he felt. The “I love you,” he meant every word. But he was able to “take it back” because of the plan. But that doesn’t make it any less true. Oliver is afraid of hurting Felicity. She’s his light and there’s so much darkness in her that he can’t stand the thought, but that doesn’t change how he feels.

This moment has actually ended up being quite controversial. People who’ve never shipped Oliver and Felicity before now do after seeing these two in an intimate moment like this. The writers got to test the waters with these two in a “romantic” setting, and, guess what, it works. It more than works. It exceeds any romantic relationship Oliver has had with any moment on this show before. So when Oliver and Felicity finally do get there, it’s going to be beautiful.

2. Setting up Olicity for next season (The island scene)


Credit: richsgecko

After I was raging over the “I love you” fake-out, this scene happened, and all of a sudden everything wasn’t so bad. This moment between Oliver and Felicity on the island confirmed three things for me: 1) Yes, Oliver meant what he said back in the mansion, 2) Yes, Felicity believed what he said and 3) We are guaranteed to get some Olicity relationship explored in season three.

What I absolutely love about this scene is the back-and-forth between them. The way Felicity is the one to babble about how she believed Oliver for a second. That she believed he loved her. Let’s not forget, Oliver is a terrible liar. And Felicity has always been able to see through that. The way Oliver is silent but never confirming that it was all an act. The way when he says about both of them putting on a convincing act — “We both did” — his face drops and the joy that was once there is filled with sadness. Because he can’t put her in danger. Even if he loves her. He told her that back in episode 2×06. And the eye sex. Can’t forget the eye sex. But I feel confident in where this relationship is going and satisfied that the relationship is growing more and more solidified every episode. This is what I get for asking for a slow burn. It sucks right now, but when this does get paid off (and it will) it’ll all have been worth it. Because it was earned like no other relationship on the show.

3. Oliver stops Slade and becomes a hero


Credit: lightcommasticks

The final showdown between Oliver and Slade seemed to be teased upon the tagline: “Kill or be killed.” Turns out, Oliver didn’t have to do either. He was able to stop Slade, with a little help from Felicity (see below), and in not killing Slade he realized his evolution from vigilante to hero. The big fight at the end, coupled alongside the fight in the flashback, was awesome. We saw just how far Oliver has come. When faced with killing or saving, back on the island he chose kill. In the present, he chose save. It was a great parallel. But I still have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Slade. Me thinks he’ll return in season 4. And now not only does he have a vendetta against Oliver, he’s got one against Felicity.

4. Felicity injects Slade with the Mirakuru cure


Credit: smoakh

This moment proved ultimately what I’ve been saying for a long time: Felicity Smoak is the strongest female on Arrow. No, she’s not super strong, an assassin or able to kick physical ass, but she’s by far the bravest in her own right. Felicity was a civilian before Oliver Queen showed up to Queen Consolidated with a bullet-ridden laptop and thus began her journey into Oliver’s world. Felicity showed such faith (in Oliver) and courage as she agreed to be bait for Slade and to risk her safety by injecting him with the Mirakuru cure.

5. The returns of Nyssa and Deadshot


Credit: queensarrow, aidenmathis

This season finale was described as “Everyone’s back,” which includes the returns of fan-favorites Nyssa al Ghul and Deadshot. These are two of my favorite guest characters because not only do they have that bad streak, but there’s something redeemable in them. For Deadshot, it’s his daughter. For Nyssa, it’s Sara. And these two are just so complex that I cheered when they made their return. Getting to see Nyssa work with Arrow, Canary and her own army was badass. Even more badass was seeing her kill Isabel and tell Oliver, “Your reticence to do what’s necessary is why your city burns.” Not to mention Nyssa’s exchange with Felicity, which provided nice comedic relief during an intense episode. And man, do I ship Nyssa and Sara. Seeing them be adorable was perfection. Now, I totally sensed a little BROTP action between Diggle and Deadshot. I loved the development in their relationship in “Suicide Squad” and I really enjoyed their scenes in the finale. Here’s to hoping we get more with these two in the future.

6. Heroes vs. Mirakuru Army in the tunnel


Credit: arrowedd

That’s be real here, this shot of all the heroes together walking all badass down the tunnel to take out the bad guys was stuff of legend. And comic book glory. You’ve got Green Arrow, Black Canary, Red Arrow, Nyssa al Ghul and the League of Assassins all in the same shot. Working together. Kicking ass. In the most beautifully choreographed sequence. This was amazing.

7. Roy gets his (Red Arrow) mask and bow

Credit: ageofsuperheroes

I’m not the biggest fan of how it was executed, but I loved the scene where Roy got his “Red Arrow/Arsenal” mask. I got massive comic book feels with that shot of him (above) with the mask, his red hoodie, the bow and shooting an arrow. Like damn, a hero is being born. I’m so proud of Roy. He really has gone through his “island” this season, including stuff he doesn’t know about. Good on Felicity for not telling Roy about all the horrific stuff he did while he was out because that’s less burden he has to carry on his shoulders, unlike another vigilante she loves. I’m really interested to see Roy’s journey next season, especially with Thea gone. Will he have to face off against Thea? More on that below…

8. Thea leaves Starling City with Malcolm

Credit: aegontargaryen

This storyline, next to the Oliver-Felicity one, was one of my favorites of the episode and heading into next season. Thea has struggled all season with familial tensions, and it all seems to be coming to a head with this shot. While some choose the path of the light (Roy), Thea is looking to take the path of an antagonist when leaving with Malcolm. With John Barrowman being named a series regular that all but confirms he’ll be some kind of big bad for next season. But the real question is: Will Thea join alongside him in being an antagonist for her brother, the Arrow? Count me as officially stoked for this plot line!

9. Flashback twist

Credit: thecwarrow

Talk about a head scratcher. From the pilot episode of Arrow, we’ve believed that Oliver Queen was stuck on Lian Yu for five years. The full five years. And no where else. So when Oliver wakes up in Hong Kong with Amanda Waller to greet him, naturally I screamed out loud, “WTF just happened?” This explains how Oliver knew Waller before Diggle contacted A.R.G.U.S. and I cannot wait to see how this plays out. We also learn that those legs from back in season one (the one who essentially was contacting Fyers) was Amanda. But my immediate question was: How does Oliver wind up back on the island? It has to be by the end of next season, right? Because then there’s two years for him to grow that mountain man hair and beard before he’s rescued.

10. Dig is going to be a daddy


Credit: uglywerewolf

Besides the fact that it was totally out of the blue (really Amanda?), learning that Diggle is going to be a father made my heart so happy. Dig has suffered with losses — the death of his brother, the first loss of Lyla, losing Carly, among other things — so having something that’s so good happen to him makes me teary-eyed. Again, not the best timing. As Amanda was about to blow the city to bits and Diggle might not ever get to know his child. I have the feeling next season is going to be all about dads: Dig, Felicity’s father (who we’re supposed to learn about next season), Oliver has a kid out there he doesn’t know about, and Malcolm has taken Thea under his wing to train her to become some kind of antagonist I’m assuming. Glad to see the writers seem to be standing firm with the whole “intimate” season three we were promised.

BONUS MOMENT: THE FLASH teaser trailer

Credit: hawkerly

The wait until October is going to kill me. Because of these two.

Arrow returns for its third season this fall on The CW.

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