‘Arrow’: What can we expect from next week’s ‘Suicide Squad?’

Another Wednesday without a new episode of Arrow. These hiatuses are seriously killing me. No more, or I swear I’m coming after you, CW.

But next Wednesday’s all-new episode promises to be the stuff of comic book legend. And features DC Comics version of The Avengers: The Suicide Squad.


One of the great things about Arrow is how every episode feels like an action-packed motion picture event. And it looks like “Suicide Squad” is going to be another fast-paced episode with so much going on.

Here’s what we can expect from 2×16 “Suicide Squad.”

Diggle working with his enemies

The interesting aspect of this episode lies in John Diggle working with three of the villains that he’s helped put away working with the Arrow. Oh, but wait, it gets better. One of those villains is none other than Diggle’s nemesis Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot aka the man that killed his brother. Yeah, not awkward at all.

Diggle’s past in Afghanistan will come to light

If you remember back in season one, Diggle told Felicity a story of how when he was in the military in Afghanistan he was entrusted to protect an evil warlord, who sold drugs and children. Diggle ended up killing an insurgent, who was only a kid and the guilt was immense all to protect “this human piece of garbage.” Now, when Amanda Waller enlists Diggle to help bring a stop to this guy, Diggle all but agrees. Granted, this is before he finds out that he’ll be working with a group of villains. But we know Diggle will do the right thing and bring the guy to justice.

Oliver readies for battle versus Slade

For all intents and purposes, this is Diggle’s episode, but the show is still called Arrow, so we’ll be checking in with Oliver and company (heh) to see how they’re handling the revelation from last week’s episode where Slade made it damn clear that he’s here to fuck things up. In 2×16, Oliver has focused all of his energy on preparing for battle versus Slade. So, clearly, he isn’t in the best mental state right now. Can you blame him?

A surprise cameo?

In a preview for “The Suicide Squad,” we got a shot of a blonde girl with pigtails and black nail polish. Comic book fans put two and two together and the verdict was: Harley Quinn. Now, there’e been no confirmation that th Could we see Harley Quinn in this episode? Or perhaps they’re teasing her potential arrival on the show.

Arrow returns next Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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