#Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards talks Oliver-Felicity chemistry and Suicide Squad

emily-bett-rickards-arrow-tv-series-cast-portraits_3My love for Emily Bett Rickards and her portrayal of Felicity Smoak knows no bounds. Her quirkiness, vulnerability and determination have made her a fan-favorite on Arrow and for good reason.

In a recent interview with Comic Related, Emily talked about the “heartbreaking” relationship between Oliver and Felicity and let us know that in a way she’s like us Olicity shippers — she wants Oliver to finally man up and admit he has feelings for Felicity!

“There’s definitely chemistry between them and it’ sort of a heartbreaking relationship because they have to stay friends and I think that the tension of having to stay friends makes it a little bit more difficult for their relationship to evolve because of what they do, if that makes sense.

“I would really like Oliver to value what they have and or make it known… show how much he values what they have. I think he shows how much he values Felicity as a person, but I would like to see the acknowledgement of the chemistry, if that makes sense, even if it doesn’t happen. I would like to know that – I think Felicity would like to know that she… that it’s two-sided, because I don’t think Felicity knows.”

Emily also talked about Felicity’s role in the upcoming Suicide Squad storyline, which kicks off next week in Wednesday’s all-new episode.

“That’s such a great story. She takes notes, working on the computer and doing her thing. It’s such a good episode. You will see they sort of get into… they’re forced to do what they’re doing and obviously Felicity has a hand in it. Being forced to follow someone else’s design always makes for hard obstacles if that says anything without giving it away.”

You can read the full interview at Comic Related

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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