Arrow’s Felicity Smoak to guest star in ‘Flash’ Episode 4

The fourth episode of The Flash is shaping up to be epic.

Not only will Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) make his first appearance, but Episode 1×04 will also feature the second-known Arrow crossover.

Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) will make her Flash debut in “Going Rogue,” which should air October 28.

FlashTVNews chatted with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg to get all the scoop:

“Barry had a big impact on those characters when he came on, and then subsequently, there was some discussion about what had happened to him, and then bringing Carlos [Valdes] and Danielle [Panabaker] onto Arrow… it would have been wrong to not deal with a lot of those emotions, especially since I think that as much as there are ‘Olicity’ fans, there were ‘Baricity’ fans, so we really wanted to address that,” Kreisberg said.

As for what episode 4 entails and how Felicity ties into the episode:

 “It’s an episode where Barry’s beginning to question his teammates, and Felicity coming along is not just to reconnect with him; it actually serves a grander purpose, which is that Felicity is somebody who knows how difficult it is to have teammates who are fighting crime. So, she’s there to offer some sage advice, both to Barry and to to Caitlin, Cisco, and Wells. So we’re really excited,”

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7.


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