It’s the OFFICIAL Video: Robert Pattinson’s Reaction to Jumping Rob (we had something to do with it)

We were paired on the Twilight Black Carpet this year with with the great…

My Public Apology to Jamie Campbell Bower

  Dear JCB, I would like to admit that I am an asshole. A few months ago, I would have been…

It’s Official Shailene Woodley is Tris in DIVERGENT

I have been staring at the Press Release for…

VIDEO: Richard LaGravenese Discusses The Young Talent in Beautiful Creatures

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Twilight New Face Fridays: Erik Odom

Well, ask any Twilght Fan and they will…

A Personal Message from Jemima West of The Mortal Instruments for the FANS

Thank you so much Jemima West! We can’t wait to see you this Friday!

FANSITE EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 of our Bill Condon interview from the Breaking Dawn pt. 2 edit room

Here’s the final installment of our fansite interview with Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon during our visit to the…

FANSITE EXCLUSIVE: Interview w/ Bill Condon from the edit room of Breaking Dawn Part 1

By: Elena Raines