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Souvenirs for the active traveler

I always find when I take a trip that I have to donate a day, or at least a few hours, to the fine art of souveniring. Every place I visit, I like to bring…

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You Want to Go to Iceland?

I just got back from a trip to Iceland and let me tell you — that question mark in this blog post title should be an exclamation mark. You want to go to Iceland! The…

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Spring Break Alternatives

Hang in there, because Spring Break is almost here! That means the beaches, party cities, and theme parks will see a spike of visitors ready for a week of fun with family and friends. But what if…

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#TravelTidbit: Packing

Every now and then I’ll do a “Travel Tidbit” — just a quick tip or two on anything travel related. I’m going out of town tomorrow, and — since I am always the one who…