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Let’s Make Some Old White People Angry: Vote

The truth of the matter is that the world has always been cruel, unkind to people of color, immigrants, those with disabilities, people in the LGBTQIA community, and women, and willing to crush anyone whose…

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Hope in the Age of Nilhilism

You fight, and you fight, and you crawl through hate, and you shake, and you cry, and you do everything in your power to shine a light, and then those who only care for money,…

Fashion Documentaries to Binge on Netflix
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Fashion Documentaries to Binge on Netflix

I know nothing about fashion. My mind, however, is a weird place that goes down rabbit warren highways, searching for information I will never use. That is how I started binging fashion documentaries on Netflix,…


Now Is The Time To Talk Gun Control

Aberjhani  said, “Democracy is not simply a license to indulge individual whims and proclivities. It is also holding oneself accountable to some reasonable degree for the conditions of peace and chaos that impact the lives…