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Between The Lines: A Conversation

Fandoms are complicated, is the conclusion we’re getting at, I think. Representation is not a clear-cut matter of having “people like you” on TV, but it goes much further than that. The conversations we have…

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Between the Lines: Fandom Futures

Despite everything I have criticized about fandoms, the fact is that they are still those places, they are still comfort spots for the most of us. We can come to fandom spaces at the end…

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Between the Lines: Fandom Ship Wars

Back to that age old moral dilemma of thinking we know better than anyone else what’s good for screens around the world, another characteristic of Tumblr fandom horror is the shipping war. Shipping, if you…

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Keys in Hand: Saudi Women and Driving

(As a note: Saudi women here refers to both Saudi-born women and women living in Saudi Arabia) Over the years, Saudi Arabia has been under immense pressure to lift the ban on women driving through…