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UnReal 2×09 Recap: Espionage

Oh god. Next week is the season finale, which means things are only going downhill for everyone. After the shitstorm of last week, I’m not sure my poor little heart can take it. Rachel is…

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UnReal 2×07 Recap: Ambush

Last week Rachel had a break down and Quinn schemed to bring back someone from Rachel’s past. This week it will be coming to a head. I can’t imagine Adam coming back will do anything…

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UnReal 2×05 Recap: Infiltration

Every week I wonder what kind of craziness UnReal will unleash and every week, they do not fail to surpass expectations. Coleman has no fucks to give as he drives Rachel to the front door…

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Outlander 2×10 Recap: Prestonpans

This week’s episode starts with a gruesome look at a highlander that was murdered by English soldiers and his body left to rot. Claire stares in shock and muses how many people would die in…

Outlander TV TV Recap

Outlander 2×07 Recap: “Faith”

The end of last’s week’s episode had us on edge as Jamie stabbed Jack in the groin making the likelihood of him able to father children significantly less and with Claire starting to bleed, signaling…