Batwoman Teased in DCTV’s “Heroes and Villains” Sizzle Reel

The holidays come early for fans of pop culture every year at San Diego Comic Con. With wall-to-wall, non-stop spoilers, trailers, and teases for the upcoming year, it’s almost hard to process it all. Fans of DCTV shows were treated to a new sizzle reel in anticipation of this weekend’s series of panels. The sizzle reel doesn’t reveal too much about the upcoming seasons, but it’s a nice combination of live action heroics and comic book inspiration.

The reel culminates in teasing the introduction of Kate Kane’s Batwoman, who will be making her first appearance in the annual multi-series crossover. It was recently announced that a Batwoman series is in the works.  from Greg Berlanti and Vampire Diaries and Smallville alum Caroline Dries. If Berlanti doesn’t rule the world of the CW, it isn’t for lack of trying.

See the Heroes and Villains sizzle reel below!

Catch these superheroes make their return this October on The CW — and prepare for Batwoman’s introduction in this year’s epic crossover eventbat in December!

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