Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2018

So, last night was Super Bowl LII, and the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots faced off, with the Eagles winning 41-33.

However, what most people watch the Super Bowl for isn’t the game itself – I know some who do – though – and as a southern girl – I do enjoy a good football game here and there. What? If you’ve read what I wrote – you would think I hate sports or something – but I don’t.

I was raised by a single father who loves football. My mother is also a huge sports fan, especially the Minnesota Vikings. This will come into play later in this article. So, now, you know.

We all know the ridiculous nature of how expensive Super Bowl commercials are. It’s been noted NBC charged upwards of $5 million dollars for a 30 second ad. So, the advertisers did what the had to do to make their point.

When I noted earlier that my mother is a Minnesota Vikings fan, this has two parts. They played the game in the Vikings home stadium in Minneapolis. Also, before the Vikings lost in the playoffs, she was excited that they may get to play the Super Bowl in their own stadium, which I have to note is pretty awesome. Sadly, it didn’t pan out.

The second part of this is that the first commercial that really gripped me is the Ram ad for sad Minnesota Vikings fans, who came so close to playing in their own stadium this year. I was like, this sounds like my mother. So, mom, just remember a Super Bowl ad made me remember something you said to me.

1. Ram – Sad Minnesota Vikings Fans

The next ad that I liked was one that had me laughing. Like in the floor kind of laughing.

I’m talking about the Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice ad with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman. Not only was it one of the best uses of a celebrity endorsement the entire night, but it was actually funny and entertaining. Of course the subtle hint to Game of Thrones, especially with Dinklage being in the ad was cool as well.

2. Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman

As we all know, celebrity endorsements are a big thing in Super Bowl ads. Many celebrities popped up over the course of the game. Another ad that I, and many other loved was the Amazon commercial with Alexa losing her voice and it being replaced by various celebrities. It’s definitely an amazing use of a celebrity or two – or more.

3.  Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice

At the beginning of the game, I was a bit disappointed in the commercials we were seeing. I remember from years past them just being good through the whole game. I think the first one that made me notice it was the “It’s a Tide Ad” running gag ad from Tide. It almost makes you forget the Tide pods controversy.

4. It’s A Tide Ad

To add to this one, Tide also had another ad during the game along these lines crossing over with Old Spice, both are owned by Proctor & Gamble and stating – It’s still a Tide ad.

And what would a Super Bowl be without an ad with a well known NFL Player or two. One of the ads that made me laugh the most that was like this was the one with Eli Manning and Odel Beckham, Jr.  of the New England Giants dancing Dirty Dancing style.

5. Eli Manning and Odel Beckham, Jr. Dance Dirty Dancing Style

Honorable Mentions:

Ironically, usually a beer ad or two pops up in these lists, but this year – all remember is Chris Pratt’s Michelob Ultra commercial.

The Super Bowl can also be a time for humanitarianism or politics, but most of that went by the way side too for more funny things like Pringles using Bill Hader to say stacking different flavors of Pringle gives you a new flavor. It was a good laugh.

So, with all that being said. Those were my favorite ads during last night’s big game. What we were yours? Did I miss the one you liked? Comment below.

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