Best trips to complement your travel style


I am obsessed with cruising. For the past several years, I have taken at least 1 to 3 per year. Whenever I talk to someone who hasn’t been on a cruise, I automatically exclaim, “You HAVE to go! You WILL love it!!” But the reality is…they might not. I learned this the hard way, after nagging two close friends about it to the point where they finally agreed to go. …I guess they liked it? I never really got strong vibes off of them that they were truly relishing the experience, even with my repeated questions.

Long story short: different people have different ideas of what constitutes the perfect vacation or getaway. Here are a few travel styles I’ve noticed, and some suggestions to match them:

DSCF6046Relax and do nothing: You work hard in your day-to-day life, so if you are going to take a vacation, you really want to take a vacation. You don’t want to have to plan anything, organize anything, or be in charge of anything. A break means a break. You want to be sitting in the sun doing absolutely nothing.

Vacation suggestion: A cruise. One of the beautiful things about cruises is that most things are pre-planned for you. Your meals. Your excursions in the ports. And if you want to literally sit around and do nothing, servers will bring the drinks to you. All you need are your sunglasses, sunscreen, and a good book.

Where to look: Individual cruise line websites.

Experience new things – but in a safe and controlled environment: You want to try something you’ve never done before or see someplace you’ve never been, but the reality is you don’t know too much about the place you want to go. You would prefer to have a guide who you know will get you to the must-see experiences at your destination.

Vacation suggestion: Organization sponsored group trip. Oftentimes, churches, housing associations, and the like will plan trips for their members. These can range from day trips across the state to two-week vacations across the world.

Where to look: If they aren’t advertising, it doesn’t hurt to ask. If you are really passionate about something and can rally a group of friends, they may be encouraged to plan one.

IMG_1159The Solo Traveler: You actually have the time and money for a dream vacation! ….but none of your friends or family do. Should this stop you? Absolutely not!

Vacation suggestions: There are some singles based vacation experiences out there. You travel with the same group of people, so you’ll make friends within the group. Or, if you really do want to be alone, there are many websites and travel guides aimed toward solo travelers.

Where to look: Online. Google “solo travel” — or something similar — and lots of information will come up.

The Experienced Nomad: I came to realize that the reason my friends from the beginning of this article didn’t love the cruise is because they were both experienced nomads. They didn’t find the structure of the cruise Aliberating: they found it confining. They are the type of people who have lived abroad and traveled off the beaten path. They are very independent, and when they go someplace new they want to complete immerse themselves, and just let the experience plan itself as it unfolds.

Vacation suggestions: Anywhere. Spin a globe and put your finger down on a particular spot. Find a good flight deal to anywhere, and take the opportunity.

Where to look: Travel websites and blogs. The blogs may inspire an idea or a copycat trip, and the travel websites are good to check for flight deals. Then go to Airbnb to find accommodations.

What kind of traveler are you? Have you ever had a conflict while traveling with someone who has a different travel style than you do? Let us know in the comments!

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